Last Straw

Just as I thought things couldn’t get worse, my money has been cut and I have no income for the moment.

I feel like I am just holding on in there, but I very scared.

I hear all the time about benefits being cut for the disabled, bur for some stupid reason I thought I would be alright. 

I will have to go Jobseekers.

I am sorry to be so depressing, but I am depressed and very poor.

22 responses to “Last Straw

  1. If it would please you to get a paypal account, many of us would be happy to pay you for the great service you are doing us by writing this blog.
    I think of you every day. What you are doing here on this blog is a life changing work, for yourself as well as others. I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing.


  2. Thanks Bewilderness. That is so kind. Actually I am crying because I feel like I have found the real sense of a community. My head is so depressed, so I may need help with how to set it up.
    It is so lovely to have women caring about me. I have always felt so alone, and always had to fight just to stay in a straight line.
    So with help I will accept your offer. For I need stablity to write this blog. And I want to see this as work not just a hobby.


  3. Are you able to appeal? I know that it’s almost standard practice for disability allowances to be refused.

    What a nightmare for you, Rebecca. I would also be happy to pay for this blog.


  4. I am doing a appeal, but have decided to go on jobseekers in the meantime.
    I have open a paypal account, but still find confusing about getting the money transfer to my bank account. I am not sure how to get my account confirm by WordPress. I may need to write to women personally and sort ways to money straight into my bank.
    God. I am being such trouble, coz my mind is so shook up. Love, Rebecca.


  5. Rebecca you are not ‘being such trouble’ rather it is the system which is responsible for causing you so much distress and worry. I will just say it is hypocritical when MP’s squeal about having to disclose details of the vast sums of money they claim in expenses. Yet individuals who are entitled to benefits are portrayed as lazy who supposedly drain our Welfare System. Who are the hypocrites?

    Hang in there Rebecca – already assistance is being given to you and I just wish I could do more, but I hope this comment will ease your mind a little. Your blog is not a hobby it is important work and I know when you are able, develop this further. Once the paypal a/c has been created, I will see if I can contribute a small amount.


  6. I may need to write to women personally and sort ways to money straight into my bank.

    Hey Rebecca, I hope you know that you can count on us to be there for you. I’m not sure that I can put money into your bank from Australia. But I could help out if you get pay pal working. You should never think of yourself as being trouble. The government and its stupid, disgusting male suprmacist laws are the trouble.

    My thoughts are with you sister. Stay strong.


  7. Thanks everyone. All I can say is that I can’t stop crying. All my life I have unable to cry, been unable to feel beyond being a robot.
    I never know that women could care for someone like me. I am so moved.
    Please know I hold you all in my heart, and it is helping me so as my emotions are so raw and scary


  8. I too am happy to contribute, monetarily, to such a strong writer.
    Rebecca if you need someone to help you set up the account I am happy to take time and investigate it, sit with tech help over the phone, etc… And I’d do so happily–helping people is an exchange 🙂

    Hughugs and lovelove your way,


  9. I’m so sorry I’ve been busy all week. Never noticed your post till now!

    I hope you are going to be alright and that everything’s gonna go okay for you. Rebecca, how are you today?


  10. Rebecca, if you go to your Paypal account, there is a button at the top of the page that says “Merchant Services”, click on that, then you will see on the right of the screen a box that says “Useful Links”. At the bottom of that box is a “Donations” link. Click that.

    On the next page it will Step One and Step Two. In Step One, there is a link to the Donations page. Click that.

    Once there fill in your name in the “Donation name/service” part of the form. Leave the “Donation ID/number” part blank.

    Choose which button you want, and click “Create Button” at the bottom of the page. This will produce a code. Copy the code, and paste it into a text widget on your WordPress presentations page.

    I hope that makes sense, and I hope it helps! xxx


  11. I have manage to set a paypal account on my other email address. Thanks everyone. If anyone wishes to help I will email you. I am very moved by ths sense of community and support, I hope one to thanks you all in person.


  12. I wish I could help. It’s so scary, I live with the thought of getting my disability income cut off at any time when it’s impossible for me to leave my house some days.

    *sending hugs and good wishes*

    I think people will help you out, you deserve it.


  13. Hi Rebecca,

    I skimmed some entries of this blog, I’m impressed, and I’m willing to fork over a little bit of money to you. It won’t be much… like twenty bucks or so, but it’s something. How do I go about it?


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