I Have Won

I have won the Tribunal.

This is very short post to say thanks to everyone for your support and belief in me. It has been horrible.

My life has been put on hold since January, which was very frustrating.

It makes me feel stronger about having more information about the effects of PTSD on women who have survived  multiple forms of male violence.

That it not viewed as a sign of mental illness, but a natural way to react after survivng living in such hell.

But I went to a Thai restaurant for lunch, had my favouite – pork in ginger and lemon. Tonight I have got fruit French cider and plain chocolate.


5 responses to “I Have Won

  1. It’s awful that they wanted you to enact a Bedlam-style stereotype of a mentally ill person.
    I’m glad to hear that you won though.


  2. Thanks Anji and L.M. for your kind comments.
    The system is horrific, it is so degrading. They are very ignorant of mental health, and how much self-respect many people who live daily with mental welfare issues.
    But it save the government money, and protrays the sick as liars and scrongers.
    The whole system is sick.


  3. Very true Rebecca the whole benefits system is punitive and especially to those who need financial help the most. I’m so glad you won but unfortunately you won by playing according to their distorted, bigoted rules. Has anything changed within the mental system I wonder? Apparently not.


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