Axe Men

This week there has many clips of programme “Axe Men” – the most dangerous job in the world.

I would say being a prostitute was more dangerous than being a lumberjack.

But images of hairy macho men chopping down trees is so much more photogenic than images of battered, raped and murdered prostituted women and girls.

In one clip one macho man said – I don’t think I could do work that wasn’t life-threatening.

What a privileged thing to say. I reckon he said this coz he thinks he is unlikely to die.

Many prostitutes do not have that luxury.

They do not choose to be murdered. They do not choose to do “work” that makes them self-harm. “Work” where suicide is the hidden hazard.

TV does do “documentaries” on prostitutes, but all too often hides the violence and the mental abuse of the prostituted women and girls.

Instead we have programmes like “Bunny Ranch” which give a sanitised view of brothels in Nevada.

Programmes that seemed to be guided by the managers and pimps in the brothels as to where and how to film. Programmes where all the prostitutes are all adults who are happy with their lifestyles. Programmes where the men are wanting “dirty” sex, but are not violent.

Hell it is a Disney view of prostitution, with the added bonus of soft-core porn.

We are not shown any damage, instead the TV is advertising the joys of prostitution.

But to show the dead eyes of the prostitution who cannot imagine another way of living. Eyes that show she is not living, she is existing. That is too much for TV.

To show that women and girls “disappear” when they are prostituted. They disappeared and their lives have no importance.

Show a documentary that said in one city how many prostituted women and girls are dead.

Plant white crosses for every woman and girls who could not survived prostitution.

Then it may seen in plain view that prostitution may be the most dangerous job in the world.

Though maybe it is not a “job”, for the majority of women and girls did not have a free choice to do it.

But I want their lives to mattered.


2 responses to “Axe Men

  1. I hope it’s OK to post this, but there has been epidemiological work done on on the mortality rates in prostitution, and it backs up your opinion that prostitution is the most dangerous job there is:

    The difference with the lumberjacks too is that their employers and customers aren’t actually trying to do them harm. The equivalent would be if the lumberjack was getting chased by a foreman with a chainsaw at the end of every day. There’s a big difference between being hurt as a side effect of a job and the damage and attacks from other human beings being the main point of it.

    I can never stop being astounded at how many people are so willing to believe the lies about prostitution. Many of them almost seem to want to be told them, like the image of the happy hooker who tells whoever is listening that she loves her job fulfills a need for them.


  2. Here from the Carnival Against Sexual Violence 56 @ abyss2hope

    Very powerful post. TV *needs* a programme like that – I have only ever seen an abundance of “happy hooker” representations. It is like they don’t even want to acknowledge that there are stories other than that. The real truth. Of course, the answer to why they don’t want to talk about the truth is obvious – because the truth does not benefit men. So instead they keep creating this propaganda, to twist the reality.


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