Whose Human Rights

Yesterday was International Human Rights Day. But as usual women were low on the list.

Torture was talked about on TV, in the papers and on the radio. But the focus was on men, and not any men but political prisoners.

That is the only abuse of human rights that the media thinks the public should have an interest in.

It was not mentioned the raping of teenage girls by young men in groups. It was not mentioned the battering and raping of women and children by male family members.

I would of thought that their basis human rights are being stolen from them.

But I am naive.

I would call it torture. I would call it stealing their identity. I would call it making the women and children sub-humans.

There is nothing said that in most countries there is a tiny conviction rate for rapists. Even in the so-called “real” rapes, where a stranger violently rapes and almost kills an “innocent” woman or girl – the law seems to go out of its way to make excuses for the rapist.

Hell, in most societies rapists are highly unlucky if they are arrested, let alone convicted.

Whilst women and girls are raped on an industrial level, they will never have human rights. Women and girls can never be free when we live in a rape culture.

Imagine living in a world where raping a prostituted women got a life sentence. Imagine living in a world where men that rape their wives get a life sentence or 20 years.

Imagine the effect that would have.

Rape is rape, I don’t care if the rapist is a stranger, john, husband, relative, work colleague or boyfriend. All rape must be punished on a serious level, if women and girls are ever going to get full humans rights.

But rape is always placed in the back-room by human rights campaigns. Political male prisoners are a nice uncomplicated issue for them to make a public issue.

Rape is messy – or male thinkers make it messy by making claims it a mis-reading of sexual messages. By explaining to the dim there is good and bad rape.

“Good rape” is the rarer form of rape where a mad man rapes a woman or girl without “reason”. Where he may try to kill her or does murder her. In these cases the “victim” is a virgin, has a lifestyle that is pure. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But the majority of rape are the fault of the woman and girl. So it can placed outside of human rights debates.

It her fault for drinking, or not being any fun.

It is her fault for forcing her youth in his face, this is popular with incest or under-aged prostitution.

It her fault for wearing clothes that provoke him, or covering herself up too much making him have to imagine what’s underneath.

It her fault for flirting, or not making him the centre of attention.

It her fault because she is working as a prostitute, how on earth can that be rape.

It her fault for wanting jobs that are for men, or are his boss.

It her fault because she has a body like the porn he consumes.

The list is endless why rape is ok.

Each rape is a dagger to the heart to making women and girls full human beings.

I want a day where we have on TV, papers and the radio talks on the ending rapes for all women and girls.

We could start at least in knowing that prostituted women and girls are in the front-line of the rape culture we live in.

Enough is enough.


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