So He is Sane

This post is written from a place of grief and rage.

Today I heard on the radio that doctors have decided that Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, should be considered to be sane.

But then, why was his spates of murders seen as insanity – when many men will sexually torture, viciously rape, play life and death games and often murder prostituted women and girls.

Most of those men are not insane, though if caught often claim they are.

When Peter Sutcliffe was getting away with murders, I was living with sexual torture, gang-rape, choking with anal sex and endless forms of sexual torture.

I never thought Peter Sutcliffe was insane, no I thought he wanted to murder women. He know prostituted women were viewed as throwaways.

He knew he could imagine himself to be some kind of hero, coz society was being cleared of whores.

If he is insane –  then so is the society that allows prostituted women and girls to made into objects that any man can place violent sexual fantasies on.

It is an insane society that portrays prostituted women and girls as the scum of the earth, so men can make it a sick crusade to murder them.

In my opinion, Peter Sutcliffe is not mad, he is sadistic, he is a bastard.

And he should never be let off.

I wish he would kill himself, but then he would need a conscience.

What matters is to remember those 13 women that were murdered. The people that loved them matter.

Peter Sutcliffe should rot in jail.

We can never repair the past. We can never bring those women back.

But the people left behind deserve some peace.

3 responses to “So He is Sane

  1. I agree Peter Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering 13 women and for this crime he should remain in prison until he dies. Sutcliffe was not insane – that was a defense plea which sought to excuse and justify Sutcliffe’s deliberate acts of femicide against women.

    If Sutcliffe is sane so then is Ian Brady and both should be considered for parole. Would the public allow Brady to be considered for parole? Answer would be a resounding no. But Sutcliffe – well he primarily murdered prostituted women so therefore he should be considered for parole.

    Sutcliffe boasted of attacking women to a male work colleague and this was before Sutcliffe was arrested. Male work colleague thought nothing of Sutcliffe’s violent and misogynistic comments because such men who express their virulent hatred of women are perceived as simply expressing normal masculine behaviour.

    I wonder if this medical doctor was male – because if he is this explains everything!


  2. Absolutely. He was not insane. He chose to murder women. These sadists rarely are ‘insane’. The reason then police didn’t work out it was him after interviewing him three times was because he looked so ‘normal’. Because he was normal.

    And what happened to prison being about punishment as well as about rehabilitation?


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