Make It Safer

Throughout the existence of prostitution, there has always been the concept that it would ok if only it was safer.

But how in reality it the owning of women and girls to be sex-toys for men made safer.

Yes, give out condoms. Yes, have bouncers and alarms. Yes, have women working in smaller groups. Yes, the women will look out for each other.

But do any of these stop the rapes, the sexual torturing and the murders of prostituted women and girls.

Not when prostitution is built on owning the woman or girl.

Say the prostitute is property and then she is an object with no voice, no rights and certainly no boundaries.

Say the john owned her and then he had complete permission to do whatever he wants with.

He can speak with her, he can bash her up, he can buy her gifts, he can anally rape her, he can make her his princess, he can choke he whilst raping her, and I can go on and on and on.

The bottom line is that the john chooses whether to place the prostitute on a pedestal or kick her into the gutter.

There can never be safety for the prostituted woman or girl.

She is a slave, and slave just thanks their lucky stars that they can still breathe.

So talk of making it safer, sometimes feels like a sick  joke – only I have forgotten how to laugh.

2 responses to “Make It Safer

  1. Claims of making prostitution safer for women and girls involved in prostitution are on a continuum with the now common claim ‘the woman/women choose to enter prostitution.’

    The only way women and girls in prostitution can be ‘made safe’ is by criminalising the Johns (men who buy women’s and girls’ bodies) and decriminalising women and girls working in prostitution.

    Remember which gender has the power – is the prostituted woman or is it the John who makes a free choice to buy a woman or girl for his sexual use/abuse. No amount of bouncers, alarms, advice to women and girls to check out the John will reduce the routine and mundane male violence committed against the woman/girl in prostitution.

    Dream on pro-prostitution apologists because the only ones who benefit are the Johns since their accountability and free choices are once again invisibilised. Oh, not forgetting the men who own brothels but don’t want to get their hands dirty so employ other men and sometimes women to do their dirty work. In fact anyone who is connected with the promotion of prostitution, which includes hotel chains, pubs, taxi drivers, advertisers, governments and society. All of these individuals/institutions are guilty of ensuring women and girls involved in prostitution are seen as responsible for curtailing and controlling men’s sexual violence committed against them.

    Women blaming again!


  2. “The bottom line is that the john chooses whether to place the prostitute on a pedestal or kick her into the gutter.”

    Exactly. All the talk about choice ignores who actually *has* choice in any meaningful sense- the abuser, he who chooses to abuse.


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