Music Can Soothe

I have been in a very bad way, and at times like this I fall into music.

I need music to quiet, I need it to scream.

I need music to enter my brain with its intelligence, I need music to be so wild my brain switching off.

I need music to find joy in my past, I need music to show I have a future.

I need to reject music that take to places I was nearly destroyed, I need to have my own taste in music.

I need to know how music was used to make me compliant, I need music to give me the strength to be defiant.  

I need music to be there to close out all other senses, I need to music as loud background as I write this blog.

Music made this blog.

Music force life back into my body.

Music give me nuggets of joy reminding me I was human.

God, music has been in the whole of my life – but now I can let it in without fear or just using to close down.

One response to “Music Can Soothe

  1. music is a truly amazing thing. 🙂 i don’t think i could ever live without it, it is up there with food, water, shelter, and love for me. embrace it every time you are feeling bad.


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