Throw Them to the Wolves

I woke up today, and realise that I am living in my worse nightmare – that is a world where prostitution is placed behind closed doors and then called safer.

A world where feminists try to find the good brothels, the good way to keep prostitution going – and say that is for the greater good of womankind.

To do this, there must be drastic manipulation of language and reality. But what does that matter, women can feel ok about prostitution, for all the nasty side is keep hidden from view.

Last week, I was in despair about the drive to push all prostitution indoors. Now, I am in a place of great rage and have no time for the justifications.

It is so defeatist for feminists to place prostitution indoors.

But much worse it is the gospel of despair, it is an abandonment and betrayal of the vast majority of prostituted women and girls. It is to leave them in extreme danger and without hope.

Oh, I suppose it is ok, if you live knowing that behind closed doors that the sex trade will run business as usual.

Business as usual is trafficking both externally and internally to have a constant fresh supply of goods.

Business us usual recruiting under-aged girls, remember the average of entering prostitution is 12.

Business as usual supplying whatever porn-fuelled fantasy the john wants – no regard to the prostituted woman or girls safety, whether mental, sexually or physically.

Business as usual a careless attitude to safer sex, and anyhow how do condoms protect the prostituted woman or girl from the vast majority of non-penetrative sexual violence.

That is just the tip of the iceberg of what is happening behind closed doors – in the so-called safer form of prostitution.

Lets me say a few stories of indoors prostitution. Stories that are made silent.

Think of a high-class escort, and I suppose you see someone who can control her johns, who is rarely in a situation of violence, who is some kind of businesswoman.

That is how the sex trade wants you to see it.

It does not want to tell you of being placed in a room with a sadistic john, who has enough money to rape and torture you for many hours.

You will not be told how the “security” may sit outside the room hearing the beatings, the raping – but sits outside only to tell the john if his time is up.

You will not be told that if you complain, that you could be punished by being sent to a another sadistic john or have your money stolen.

Also, who believes a whore over some rich man.

So, brothels are the safer way to have prostitution. How the hell are brothels safe for prostituted women and girls, unless it in the pages of Playboy or other glossy porn junk.

Brothels are just the supermarkets of prostitution – where everything has the outward appearance. of cleanliness, care for the welfare of the staff and in the end it just part of leisure culture.

It is all for show – in the end brothels are there to provide men where whatever porn fantasy they want, and give them time and privacy to be violent if they want.

I know the sex trade gives the image that men that use brothels “respect” the prostituted women – never mention there are prostituted girls inside brothels. It claims most johns just want to chat or do “normal” sex.

It will paint a picture that most johns that use brothels are lonely, isolated or wanting to learn sexual techniques.

It will shout loudly how they vet bad johns, and always put the mental and physical welfare of their “girls” first.

Well that is just propaganda to keep others from looking too deeply into the running of brothels.

Brothel profiteers considered prostituted women and girls to be goods, they are never given the rights and dignity of being full humans.

These are goods to be fucked until wore out, that is the reality inside the vast majority of brothels throughout the world – be that in an English city, or inside a Thai club or even in the desert in Nevada – the prostituted women and girls in brothels are thrown to the wolves.

Johns do not go to brothels on a regular basis to do “normal” sex or to chat – that may be true in male fantasy say literature of Norman Mailer or the classy porn magazines, or stupid films showing friendly and club-able brothels.

The reality is that johns want to re-created porn on a living body, usually hard-core porn. For that they pay for privacy and time.

To be prostituted in a brothel, is to have every cell in your body made into a fuck-toy.

There is little or no regard to the pain, to the terror, to the injuries – for the prostituted woman or girl is goods, a thing, an object.

As for the alarms, bodyguards, cameras in the room, condoms, so-called checks on bad johns – in the vast majority of brothels that is show if they think there may outward interference or they are in some documentary.

It is not unknown for security to watch prostituted women and girls being sexually tortured – and later use that film to sell on as porn.

The manager gets more money from sadistic johns than from johns who just do “normal” sex.

There is nothing safer about brothels – only they are very good at keeping everything firmly behind closed doors.

How can feminists support brothels, and not realise how many millions of women and girls they are throwing to the wolves.

Dammit, is it not considered to be rape inside brothels. Well – I would say the majority of brothels are factories for men to find multiple ways to rape.

Brothels allow johns to invent as much sexual torturing as they can, and as it is hidden from view, they know it is considered to be a non-crime.

Where else outside the sex trade, would gang-rapes go unnoticed, would forcing hard-core porn into a living woman or girls be praised, that as you get through one rape another rapist is in you before you can breathe.

And all this made out to be just your role in life – it is even named as a “job”.

Some feminists turn their backs on the women and girls in indoors prostitution – believing the sex trade propaganda that is a chosen job.

That is very rare – and even when it is chosen, that does not prevent johns raping, sexually torturing or even murdering the prostituted woman or girl.

A sadistic john does not ask or care why or how the prostitute got there – only that he has complete power and control.

If you back indoors prostitution, you are backing mass rapes, sexual torturing and murders.

You would not ignore the Congo, or gang-rapes outside the sex trade, or harms of porn to women and girls outside the sex trade – but you turn your back on women and girls escorting or in brothels.

Think that is that feminist.

2 responses to “Throw Them to the Wolves

  1. And in addition; once the genie is out of the bottle, it is very difficult to undecriminalise prostitution. Very difficult. Many of the women in prostitution in Australia are entering as students and as sole parents.
    Because the sex industry offers ‘flexible’ hours, because the government says you have to work when you child turns six or because students are working too long hours and neglecting their studies.
    Because there is a lot of money to be made by governments in the issuing of licenses.
    Women’s bodies are nothing but cash cows in decriminalised land. Prostitution is promoted as legitimate employment. It is even in the employment pages of our tabloids.
    Tell me something; do you want to live in a city where you can order a woman like a pizza? Where there are giant billboards of porn style ‘men’s clubs’ near major railway stations? Where pretty much there are streets in Melbourne which are virtually ‘no go’ areas for women, because the men going to the stripshows are violent? And that for all the promises of safety, women are still being trafficked, women are still getting STI’s, women are still getting beaten, raped and women who are able to survive legal brothels, are still having to work on the streets.
    We in Victoria,Australia, have had this for 20 years…. it doesn’t work!!! Jail the bloody johns, jail the pimps and help the women retrieve their lives.


  2. Forgive me; I wish i could delete the last comment. If there was one message I could give to feminists it is this:
    The mere fact that women and girls are being prostituted is a failure of the women’s rights movement. It is a failure. We fought long and hard to stop being sexually enslaved by men and when we say yes to the sex industry; we are saying yes to sexual repression. It makes me laugh when feminists are so vocal over the burqa yet is happy for women and girls to be raped on demand. Do they not realise it is part of the same coin? That this is repression for the benefit of men and the detriment of women? You cannot be free sexually if you bear the responsibility of men’s desire and you cannot be free if you cannot say ‘No’. A prostituted woman cannot say no and she bears the burden for every sick bastard out there. She is not empowered, she is repressed.


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