Give Me Justice

I have written that this blog is not about healing – but it is a seeking of a version of peace.

Peace is only real when there is justice.

Where is the justice for the women and girls both inside and exited of the sex trade. I see, feel and know of very little.

How can I and so many brilliant women and girls get any peace without true justice.

I want justice for all the women and girls that are being sold on the streets.

I want justice that they are not beaten up coz some john can’t be bother to pay. Give a long-term prison sentence for GBH and possible rape to that john. Give the prostituted woman or girl specialise counselling and the possibility to exit.

I want justice as johns think they can rape any street prostitute anywhere at any time, and know it will be a non-crime. Fuck that, give at least 20 years in jail if they rape prostituted women and girls.

I want justice for all prostituted women and girls whatever location they are being sold and used in.

I fight to my dying day for justice for all prostitutes who are indoors.

Justice means knowing no location can be safe for prostituted women and girls – not when johns are the ones who choose whether to be violent or not, not when the profiteers of the sex trade make enormous profits from sadistic sex by moulding prostituted women ad girls into living porn-toys.

Justice would mean stopping the focus and blame being place onto prostituted women and girls – and all the blame for the violence, the invention of a class of sub-humans named as the prostitute, and all the hate is placed firmly with the user and providers of prostitution.

Justice would mean any man who make the choice to buy and own another human just for his selfish sexual want will not just be fined – for if he can afford a prostitute, a fine has little meaning to him – but go to prison for the minimum of 6 months.

Justice would have brothel-owners given very lengthy prison sentences for the destruction of many prostituted women and girls, for giving access and permission for mass rape, for making a profit regardless of their “employee’s” /property’s mental and physical welfare – and for any deaths on their watch.

Justice would means all indoors prostitution is seen as highly dangerous, not as a place where the girls are cared for and can be a high earner.

Justice would means all those closed would be smashed down.

Justice would mean the women and girls inside hard-core porn would be as seen as full human being – not made to disappear into a photo, a computer or piece of film.

Justice would know their pain is not fake, know that there is real rapes and real sexual torturing on a constant basis, know it is real terror in their eyes, that if it appears to be degrading than it is – damn it, justice would throw away all the excuses that make the viewer and user of hard-porn decide it is just fake entertainment.

Justice would say hard-core porn must be destroyed because of the human rights of the women and girls made to be in it.

Justice for these women and girls, is knowing they matter more the selfish wank-fest of the users of hard-core. They are wanking to real mental, physical and sexual torture – so they have very few rights.

True justice know it is a lie that hard-core porn must be protected by the freedom of speech. It is freedom of speech for the torturer, the profiteers of the sex trade and the people who already have power. There is no freedom of speech for the woman or girl inside hard-core porn – no freedom to speech for her terror, her agony, that is repeated rape and sexual torture. Her voice is more than silenced, it is rammed shut by sexual terror.

This is a small part of what I and millions of  prostituted women and girls need to have to get true justice.

Then there will be real peace.

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