Inside Out

I want to write what it is to be living porn from the inside out, for I sick of so much of the criticism of hard-core porn being always from the point of view of the outside looking in – never the woman or girls in the middle of it.

Too often, the debates round hard-core porn are about how it affects the body image of women and girls not inside of porn, whether it would affect a relationship if your partner is addicted to porn, saying that the women and girls are not real or just great at acting – all said with great detachment and no mention of human rights.

Well, those are all red herrings, and usually become ways of making out hard-core porn may be bad, but to intervene would amount to censorship or just too moralistic.

Well, I refuse to think that way, for I have been on the inside of hard-core porn, and it has left me with determination and anger to shout and scream that the focus must be on the human rights of the women and girls inside hard-core porn.

It is sexual, mental and physical torture – that is the most important point about hard-core porn, everything else are interesting and often important side-issues.

Personally I would love Amnesty International to be protesting for these women and girls, I love that United Nations placed the rights of these women and girls into every piece of writing about international humans rights, I would love that all governments banned all production of hard-core porn – but I am a dreamer.

Instead, in the real world, I will speak of what it is to be in the middle of hard-core porn.

For the vast majority of women and girls in hard-core porn there is no glamour – instead it is a life full of pain, being controlled, fear of disease and serious injuries, lose of mental welfare, addiction to self-destructive behaviours and often can end with death.

That is the reality, not the version the sex trade promotes.

Much of hard-core porn is completely intertwined with prostitution, I cannot and would not know how to separate them.

Many of the “actresses” inside hard-core porn are prostitutes or have been prostituted, or when the porn trade decides they are washed-up  and put back into prostitution.

Much of hard-core porn is made by filming prostituted women and girls – it is cheaper, no worries about production teams or effects. Also, it is assumed by the sex trade that prostituted women and girls will do anything, even when life-threatening or going to sent beyond terror and agony.

But let’s be honest, the vast majority of people whether they used or produce hard-core porn – think that the women and girls in it are all whores anyhow, so why care about them.

Well, we must care.

If we don’t care about the women and girls inside hard-core porn – we might as well tear up all our struggles for human rights.

I have been in many meetings, in many parties, many pubs – where I have heard passionate anger about torture, heard anger about rape, heard talk about Stockholm Syndrome, hear that some groups have no freedom of speech – and all that right-on leftist and feminist chat.

But always when it comes to women and girls inside hard-core porn, there is a deafening silence.

If it is spoken of, it is always from the outsider’s viewpoint – the academic viewpoint, the intellectual chat of censorship and freedom, the body image discussion, the is there a connection between rape of women and girls outside of the sex trade and porn, the is it worse now than it was in the past, the who am I to judge anyhow.

I want to scream and scream –

You really don’t get, do you.

It is very simple, and you choose to make it complicated – and talk and talk whilst hard-core carries on business as normal.

It is simple that hard-core porn must be poisoned at the roots, for it is and always has been about the torturing of a class of women and girls that are re-branded as whores.

When you see hard-core porn, you are seeing images of real rapes or ways to rape women and girls. Hard-core porn is a guide to men to degrade and hate women – and get away with it, for it named as entertainment, as harm-free, as a service.

Look at hard-core porn from the point of view of that woman or girl.

Would you be double or treble-penetrated, would you do anal sex until you are bleeding, would you get fucked in positions that are so the camera it right up your cunt, would you deep-throat, would you be soaks in semen.

Those are just routine, and have been for centuries.

Would you do that knowing it be repeated over an over and over.

Would you want to be fucked by many men who don’t worry about injuring or raping you.

Would work for an “employer” who ignore any injuries or diseases you get on their watch, an “employer” who ignore your mental welfare or any addictions you may have.

Would be happy, knowing that one way to survive this life is have self-destruction as your norm. A “job” where suicide is the norm, and knowing that women and girls disappear – knowing some are murdered – is just the norm.

That is why I say that the only thing that matters about hard-core porn is the complete violation of the human rights of the women and girls used to make it.

Stand up for them – for god sake.

2 responses to “Inside Out

  1. One difference that can be made is to keep the focus of the harms of hard-core porn is about what is done to the women and girls inside it. This means if you are in meetings or other places where people are discussing porn, you speak out about that it a human rights issue – not a moral issue, not about freedom of speech for the producers of hard-core, and not a discussion of individual choice. Not when it about torture and the wastage of women’s and girl’s lives.

    It is important to stand up to friends, lovers and relatives who consume hard-core porn. By speaking out of real harms done to the women and girls in the images they imagine are just fantasy – if you speak against racism, against homophobia and other hate, then why not speak out against the torture and deaths in hard-core porn.

    Being silent is to support the sex trade – and to make invisible the violence, hate and degradation that is the norm inside the sex trade.


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