This Is What It Is To Be Prostituted

To be prostituted is to know you have no rights.

No rights that make you a full human that is.

To be prostituted is to be owned body, mind and soul.

Only it cannot be sexual slavery, when it is named as work.

To be prostituted is not to know pain.

How can it be felt, when pain is so impacted and so often, it all become just one long ache.

To be prostituted is that penetrative sex can never be rape.

When so much worse is done over and over and over to your body – and that can not be named as rape either.

To be prostituted is have no holes in your body that are not fucked to death.

Why does that matter when you cut off your mind from those holes being filled.

To be prostituted is always to be up-to-date with the fashions of hard-core porn.

Porn is fucked, beaten and placed with scorn into your body – as endless johns copied into your guts and skin every piece of porn their minds remember.

To be prostituted is to know you are an object, you are goods – you are nothing.

A remainder with every fuck, every smash of the fist, every spitting in your face, every money thrown at you, every anal rape, every gang-rape, every reaction of porn scenario, every refusal to wear a condom, every blow-job that makes you sick – a remainder you not a real woman, just a fuck-doll.

To be prostituted is to learnt never to fight back or even say it may be wrong.

Not unless you accept the punishment johns and profiteers will do. Know sexual violence can be endless and beyond what you think is possible, know you be moved to where no-one knows you, and where violence will be your norm – know that is just a small part of how they will destroy you.

To be prostituted is to look deep in a mirror – and not know what you are looking at.

Maybe all you see is a ghost of someone who may be connected to you, maybe it is just a husk. But, maybe you stare and stare, and no connection can be dragged out.

To be prostituted is to give up hope, and not to believe that anyone care.

Everyone knows whores get what they deserved – why would there be help, when if a prostitute disappear or is murdered no-one gives a damn, they don’t even notice she has gone.

That is just some of what it is to prostituted, and how it destroyed the body, mind and essence of that woman or girl.

That why we must fight for abolition.

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