What Do You See

If you consume porn – what do you think you are seeing.

Are you seeing something that cannot be real, or may just very good acting.

Are you seeing that must be harm-free, for in everything else you would consider yourself to be an ethical person. Hell, I’m sure you only buy free-trade coffee, hate that the sex trade may have trafficking or under-girls, boycott Israel – but, porn and much of prostitution is different, for it appears willing and harm-free.

Or do you say your porn is ok – your porn is lesbian/gay, your porn is feminist-friendly, your porn is ironic. You would never ever consume the nasty commercialise porn. Your porn is ethical.

Or do you just say someone give it to me, or I saw when at someone else’s place – it would be rude not to have a look.

Well, I know all the endless excuses for consuming porn, I am bloody sick of Leftist and so-called feminists whining on about having access to porn.

Porn is not erotica, porn is not about how to do sex properly, porn is not harm-free, porn cannot be made ethical.

Porn is about using the woman and girl as nothing but something to fucked over, to be treated as a sexual slave – to be made scum so the men viewing and using her can have no guilt, as she is mentally, sexually and physically destroyed.

That is what you watching.

Porn will use any form of women-hating it can find and some that it will invent.

Porn is racist to everyone, porn love child-rape, porn will use animals to make it more painful, torture is just for entertainment, porn is careless if the actresses are suicidal or harm so much that they die, porn doesn’t give a damn about disease or injuries just replaces the good, porn is fuelled by hate and the petrol is degradation.

That is what you are watching.

Porn will always re-invent itself to get more consumers, and yet more money.

So no surprise porn makes out it is on the radical Left, said it can be made feminist, that it is an art-form, some kind of raw poetry, that it will liberate women and create a world of free sex.

This is just recruitment – there no real Leftist or feminists that profit from porn.

If they so radically Leftist, how come they are inside the most capitalist and exploitive trade ever invented.

Do they not see that the vast majority of women and girls inside the porn are being tortured, that they are made sub-humans – into goods to be consumed and thrown away.

I would say that is capitalism at it’s most savage – so how can anyone on the Left justify porn with a straight face.

And if you are a feminist and consuming porn, you need to look deeply at yourself.

You are participating in a system that is destroying women and girls in their thousands – and you think it can your entertainment.

You may seek and say you have found feminist porn. Well, I highly doubt that.

I have seen loads of so-called feminist porn – much of which is erotica and nothing to do with porn.

But porn that named itself as feminist – is just the same as any other porn.

It is exploitative, often based on sick racist stereotypes. It will be violent and full of degradation. Just because a woman may produce it – or it is woman on woman porn – that does not make it feminist.

It is not feminist to have a different body images to be exploited in porn.

It is not feminist to consume porn where women are raped, tortured or no care is taken of her safety – just prove that your porn is squeaky clean.

It never be feminist to consume porn – not when you are supporting an industry that is built on the blood, terror, guts and despairs of the millions of women and girls that it has and will destroy.

Don’t be fooled that there is a unicorn named feminist porn.

I am very angry in this post – but then I only survived being inside porn by luck.

Too many brilliant women and girls did not.

Too many could not throw off their addictions – often forced into them by the profiteers to get them to do the horrific and life-threatening “work”.

Too many killed themselves – for it was the only power that was left to them.

Too many have to live with severe internal injuries.

Too many will never get rid of extreme trauma – after their bodies and minds have known sexual torturing that most could not even imagine.

Too many have just disappeared or been murdered.

That just the tip of the iceberg of the damages that porn does to the women and girls inside it.

That is what you are watching.

Throw it away – and put those women and girls before your wank-material.

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