I write because  I am at the point of near collapse. I write of what is unbearable for me, I write of me but speaking knowing it is unbearable for the majority of exited women.

We have exited, we have by the skin of our teeth survived – but we have in our skins, in our minds, and attach to us an invisible shadow. The unbearable truth of what we have survived.

It not just what hell we have known, it is that hell is glamorise, made normal, made fun, inside all the media, made the victim’s fault, and most important made to seemed that the profiteers and users are just side issues.

We have survived, but we have no time or space to lick our wounds, to scream out our rage and pain,to even complain – not when we should have enjoy being prostituted or being made into porn goods.

Then all around us are excuses made, reasons why certain men used the sex trade in a nice way, or the men you know and like could not possibly use the sex trade just because you know and like them.

Excuses that particular manager is not pimping out, for it appears to be clean and well-ordered, appears to be full of grown women who are happy hookers – so lets not look any deeper.

Excuses that the porn you are consuming is just staged or acting, that your porn is not violent, that of course the women have freely chosen to be there, that your porn could be god-damned ethical coz you say it is.

Excuses that only certain women and girls can real victim-prostitutes – those who are externally trafficked, but only if it proven that extreme violence was used ; those street-prostitutes who can labelled as drug addicts, are under-aged, seemed controlled by a pimp; a few indoors prostitutes who appear locked in and physically threaten. All other women inside the sex trade are dismissed, and told that it is their free choice and if they want to leave, why don’t they.

Excuses that it has always been with us so why even bother to change it, it is the oldest professional ain’t it. Fuck that feeble excuse – you are speaking of mental, physical and sexual torture – and saying that’s OK coz it always be part of being human. That is utter bullshit.

Sure humans murder, humans abuse children, humans justify all violence by saying it just human nature – but we can and will be better than that.

To abuse a woman and girl inside the sex trade is a conscious choice, and is usually pre-planned and done inside an organisation. It is not an reflect action, violence to those inside the sex trade is not a small moment of rage, it not an accident.

The unbearable truth is that by allowing all these excuses for the continuing of the sex trade – everyone whether using the sex trade or not is saying it is OK to make a class of people named as the prostituted to be tortured without hope or redress, for it is made normal and harm-free.

The sex trade is not fun, it can never be made safe for the prostituted, it is not concern about the prostituted as humans only as goods – the sex trade must never be made normal, we must stigmatised the profiteers and users of the sex trade. They are scum – stop making excuses for them.


One response to “Unbearable

  1. We can all be better than that… everyone has the right to live with dignity and everyone has the responsibility to make that happen. Great post xox


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