Money Makes Everything Invisible

This week there has been in the news two powerful men caught out with prostitutes.

It is unimportant who they are, it is unimportant what their role is, it unimportant what country they live in – all that really matters is that they will buy their way out of real punishment.

What matters is to know the vast majority of rich men that used and owned the prostituted – will assume they can whatever they want, any degree of violence up to murder – and it will not just be hushed up, but made invisible.

Money destroys prostitutes every moment of every day – and the more power and influence a punter has, the more he can get away with pure sadism. He will destroy with not only the sex trade protecting him, but the legal systems will make excuses for him, he can and will pay off the police.

Most rich punter, even the ones acting the bad boy – will make the public be on their side.

Look how many Hollywood stars for the last 80 years have used and been extremely violent to prostitutes, to women inside sex clubs, to women in saunas, to women in porn – and most not get away with their sadism, but are often are admired for being “rebels”.

What the hell is rebellious about sexual sadism to the prostituted class. Personally, I would say it just keeping up the status quo that the whore-class are just there to be fucked over, to be destroyed, to be hated – it completely cowardly, but these men are made into heroes.

Politicians have always enjoy power for power’s sake – so why are we surprised that corrupt politicians in most countries will used, abused and throw away the prostituted class.

I cannot not name a century where the political class did not use their power to have easy access to the prostituted class.

Being rulers, they will hush up all the violence they pour into the prostituted class – many centuries, many countries of pouring in rapes, sexual torturing, hate, fear, sadism and murder into whores – knowing they make the laws to make the culture to cover up their actions.

The few politicians that are caught out and held up as an example are either already losing their power basis or thinking of retiring/or dead. Politicians in power and “respected” can do what they like to the prostituted class, for it be made invisible or made out the filthy whore was utterly to blame.

The most sickening rich man’s porn-dream is that he is the artist-punter.

This sick-fuck believe that as he pours violence into the whore’s mind and body – she should be damned grateful to be in his presence, his god-like presence.

He will see himself as a collector of whores – whether street-prostitutes, high-class escorts, buying off the net, going to lap-dancing clubs, searching out extreme porn – he is a connoisseur of whores.

He thinks that the whore should know as he is using her that all she is a blank canvas for his great art to go into – as he fucks her, as he sadistically sexually tortured her, as he views others brutally abusing her, even as he murders her – she should know she has the great privilege of being his muse.

She may be remembered vaguely in his painting, she may have a brief mention in his novel, she may be seen if you look closely enough at men who murder her seeing that as their message.

But the artist-punter can never give the whore full humanity – he just uses her to big up his ego.

The prostituted are continually betrayed by allowing these rich punters to be invisible. It is pass by and pass over by most of society – money and power blinds all to the violence and hate. It makes cowards of the majority to confront these rich bastards.

Whilst these rich punters get away with so much hate and violence – it will give the green light to all other punters to continue to think it no big deal to rape, to consume porn, to be sadistic, to torture to any and all women and girls inside the sex trade.

It cannot matter if rich men get away with it – why shouldn’t poorer men join the fun.

Meanwhile there is a silent genocide of the prostituted class – and it made invisible for money said it must be harm-free.

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