I am so sick of how being inside the sex trade is continually re-branded as sex work.

A wonderful expression that makes all violence, all hate – heck, anything that the punters and profiteers do invisible.

A wonderful expression that only see the very few empowered and liberated adult women in the sex trade.

A wonderful expression that allows all men and women with privilege or in power, to say look everything to fine with the sex trade, let them deal with any mess in-house.

Sex work is an expression that allows the continual genocide of the prostituted class – but decide it cannot be happening for the goods are always replaced.

Sex work is a theory that decide if and when there is violence – it is the fault of the individual woman or girl, not the punter or the structure of the sex trade.

Sex work advocates say if the individual prostituted woman or girl is not having fun or knows she is empowered – she is weak, she is deluded, she may have fallen into criminal activities, coz she may have been abused beforehand she doesn’t know what good sex is, that she taken too many drugs/drink, she is a liar and endless other ways to silence her.

The concept of sex trade is bloody dangerous bullshit – it killing the prostituted every day.

It is used to promote the idea that prostitution would fine and safer if regulated and placed indoors.

That there can be some kind of feminist-friendly sex trade, with feminist porn and brothels run by women.

Or just the simple defeatist attitude that the sex trade will always be with us, so why not clean it up, put firmly behind closed doors and then imagine hard it all ok then.

Think about where and when non-prostituted women and girls are most endangered.

Is it not mostly indoors, is it not when women and girls are alone with a violent man.

Why on earth would anyone who understand violence against non-prostituted women and girls think the sex trade is safer indoors?

What is safe about it?

The bottom line of all aspects of the sex trade is that consumer/punter buys and considered that he owns the prostitute.

She is not a human in his eyes – she is his property, she is goods and she will be consumed, and usually thrown away.

How that ever be made safe?

The prostituted woman or girl has no rights to safety – she is not seen, so why would her welfare be of any consequences.

As she is raped, beaten and made into trash – she is never seen, she could any whore, all whores are made interchangeable.

She is made trash on the computer screen, made trash if he pick up on the street, made trash even when named as high-class, made trash inside all brothels, made trash in so-called art porn – the woman and girl in the sex trade is trash, so all her emotions and ability to know pain mean nothing.

All that matters is the punter gets his power-trip and profiteers make a fortune – the prostituted class are nothing, so will be thrown away.

Call that sex work – then you cannot make any claim to be against male violence to women and girls.

Call it sex work, and know you have blood on your hands.

2 responses to “Re-Branded

  1. Or maybe it should be called slutwork? Certainly anything else marginalizes those oppressed-privileged people./sarc


  2. ugh…typing from phone. You’re right to call this a branding strategy–straight outta freshman-level marketing classes. “New Fructose Puffs. Now with a little less fructose!” The machinations of capitalism and consumerism are hard at work when feminists are too busy making sure 5 women on planet Earth are conceptually sexy.


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