Elephant in the Room

I find discussions round porn, especially in feminist environments, are usually about any and everything except the giant elephant in the room – what it is like to a woman inside that porn.

Instead all others victims can and will be spoken about.

Be it the partners of the consumers of the porn who may be abused. Be it the consumers who claim that it is an addiction. Be it is how boys learn what sex is in their culture.

All this is important – but it avoids looking straight into the eyes of the woman inside porn – it avoids hearing the voices of the women who have been lucky enough to exit porn, and have the strength to speak out against it.

All voices are heard instead of their’s.

The voices of porn producers and profiteers saying it is censorship to even discuss the harms of porn. The voices of moralists who are against porn coz they it is sex – not seeing the abuse of power and extreme violence. The voices of parents saying children should not see it – but often say it coz they need to know about “real” sex, not those plastic people.

Where are the voices of women who know in their bodies and minds what porn is?

When you speak of the harms – how can you do that without seeing and knowing the harms done to that woman, and millions like her.

If you make the choice to consume mainstream porn, you are more than likely watching sexual abuse at the minimum, and most likely an utter disregard to that woman’s physical, mental and sexual welfare.

In other words, you could watching sexual torture, rape, and on occasion her life being threaten.

That is why when I say I am against porn, my priority will always be saying it is act of violence, an issue of the safety of those inside porn , it is an issue of saying the porn industry as a structure views those women as disposable goods.

As disposable goods, the reality for most women inside mainstream porn is to be made do any form of sexual violence – even if it gives them internal injuries, even if they get STD’s, even if is clearly rape, even if they get almost killed, and even if they do die.

They are seen as replaceable, to the porn producers all the women inside are viewed as whores, and all whores are interchangeable.

I, like many prostituted women, was made to be inside porn.

You watch porn, and say to yourself they have freely chosen to be there – you have no evidence for that, just it prevents you having a conscience as you watch what is clearly painful and degrading – think it is her choice, and imagine she is rich, then it become just a fantasy then.

Let me say that it not unusual to used prostituted women inside porn – for they are considered to be dead to pain, they can made to do whatever sadistic sex act the producers thinks will sell.

But mostly, they are in the position of being non-humans, so any damage done to them is of no importance.

I was filmed as I being sexually tortured, filmed during gang-rapes, and even filmed if I was sick.

It is cheap to use an abused prostitute, for you often not pay her, for she is no fit state to know she has the rights to be paid.

Using a prostitute, or moving prostitutes into porn, is good for the porn industry – for those women will obey, will smile when being abused, will have many men go in them for many hours.

They are too dead to care.

Next time you make the choice to view mainstream porn, look at her eyes – tell me they are not dead.

You are getting your rocks off to the living dead.

Be oppose to porn, not because of morals, not because your partner consumes porn, not because you decide it is not real “sex”.

Oppose because it is extreme violence against the women inside porn. Oppose sexual torture. Oppose making women into disposable goods. Oppose that mainstream porn producers make huge profits over the bodies of those women.

Stop your selfish act of consuming porn – and think about freeing the women inside porn.

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