In a Place of Hell

Every day I wake into a world that is making out that indoors prostitution is relatively harm.

Relative to who? Relative to what?

Relative to other “service jobs” – name me another job in the service industry that rape is the norm, where murder is background noise, where the “employees” are made into porn goods.

Relative to street prostitution – when in reality punters and profiteers don’t care what label a prostitute has, when he does maximum damage to her.

Lets me take you into small moments of indoors prostitution – let me say every small moment was repeated over and over and over. Repeated until it could not be felt, could not be known – repeated until it was the prostitute’s only norm.

Every piece of hell I laid bare here, is common in most of the indoors prostitution.

I laid bare some of this destruction not as therapy, not for pity, not to shock – I laid it bare coz it the foundations of indoors prostitution.

I laid it bare to show why we must fight for the abolition of prostitution, and we must fight the push to put it indoors.

The basis of indoors prostitution is fundamentally dangerous.

This is to place where a woman is alone in a room, usually an isolated room, or if in a brothel, a room where little or no protection. Inside this room, she must serve strange men or a man.

I cannot understand how that can ever be made safe?

I hear voices speak of bodyguards, having alarms, talk of women run brothels and escorting, bad punters list, etc etc.

Wow, some “job” that always has as background noise that rape can happen almost every time, that battering is a risk of the job – that disappearances are the norm. That why all these precautions are needed, just so business can run as normal.

But in the reality for most women inside indoors prostitution, these safety precautions are either non-existent or a veneer that profiteers of the sex trade put up to make sure they are not raided or close down.

I work in legitimate indoors prostitution with some of these safety precautions – I was never safe or even given the right to have humanity.

I was goods, so my safety was unimportant, as long as men could still sexually torture me, and my managers could make a profit.

I was often in rooms with “bodyguards” outside the door.

As I was raped, sexually tortured, beaten and threatened with murder – they did nothing, they just listen, and took money for doing that nothing.

On occasions, those so-called bodyguards made extra money by filming my hell – and selling it on.

And this was inside overground indoors prostitution – it was easily available to any punter who wants sadistic sex without consequences.

I know a few people who read this blog want to believe, without evidence, that indoors prostitution is not about violence.

Well, a few sketches of the common demands of punters, shows that they want to repeat every sadistic porn fantasy on a living body – that it why they choose indoors prostitution for it give the punter full privacy and more time.

Anal rape is considered a requirement by most punters. It is not anal sex – it is rape repeated from porn.

I got used to double anal penetration, got used to anal rape with my legs forced together and pushed into a wall standing up, got used to being fisted in my anus.

Oral rape is the norm – after all punters know blow-jobs is what whores do.

It is not gentle or done with care – it forcing the penis so deep that the prostitute can hardly breathe or may be sick. I had fists forced into my throat “for a laugh”.

Those are the basis of most of indoors prostitution.

It is not sex – it is sexual torture. Entering the room for indoors prostitution – you never know what the punter will do to you, you do not know whether you will survive or not.

Please do not make excuse or support indoors prostitution – please put the prostituted class above the sexual wants and greed of punters and profiteers.

Remember that vast majority of murders done to the prostituted is indoors – whether the prostitute was working the street, an escort, inside a sauna, from a sex club, brought from the net or in a brothel – the murders are mainly indoors and hidden from the public gaze.

There is nothing safe about indoors prostitution.

One response to “In a Place of Hell

  1. Sometimes it can be difficult to debate with sex work lobbyists. We’re so worried about “erasing” a woman’s experiences, we begin to pretend that torture is not a normal occurrence, demand. Reading this makes me feel ashamed for sometimes making apologies and wavering in my criticism of prostitution and sadism. Whenever I need to stand firm, I will think of you.


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