Methods of the Pimp-Mind

Recently a very small group of activist exited women have connected with each other, and some are writing public blogs and articles, some of us are campaigning through education and giving speeches.

We have done this for a long time in isolation, and have had many attacks on our works and attempts to silence us.

These are in the mind-set of the pimp, or on occasion punter thought patterns.

It makes no difference if the individual doing the attacking is really a pimp or punter – it is the mind-set of intimidation, mind-set of refusal to take the violence seriously, mind-set of deciding we must be mentally ill, mind-set to dissect our writings to find proof we must be liars.

Most of attackers hide behind the guise of caring about our mental welfare, but behind you say Jack Robinson they are attacking us on a vicious personal level.

This is done because our words and works are now too powerful, is spreading into too many influential areas.

Our words and works are saying the sames truths in multiple voices, in multiple styles, from multiple cultures and backgrounds.

These truths are being heard and believed, these truths are the foundation stones of saying that abolition of the sex trade is demanded by the vast majority of the prostituted class.

Our truths are a powerful revolution – it comes as no surprise or shock to be viciously attacked by those who want to gain by keeping the sex trade.

Only it is important for those who support our struggle and works, should know some of the tactics of these haters.

There is the classic voice of the angry punter – who is furious with us for being men-haters, we must be saying all men are evil and cruel to all women all the time.

These “men” speak with little or no rational thought, why bother when in his mind he just talking to unobedient fuck-goods. Very fast he will call us “whores”, “sluts” and “bitches”.

Many of those with the punter mind-set will use our words and turn it into a porn scenario, and always they imply or write straight-up how we must of enjoyed it.

The punter mind-set does trigger, it does hurts us deeply – but it also brings out a massive rage, a power that makes our works even more important.

We know the punters for his lies, his desire to manipulate, his wanting to be the victim, his viewing as fuck-holes never a full human.

We take our pain that punters forced into us, and re-invented into a power-force to shown the reality of the male and violence that is put into all the prostituted class.

Many of the on-going attacks on our works are done from the mind-set of the pimp.

That mind-set is often voiced by women, or at least those who claimed to be women, obviously on the net I have no idea or to be honest really give a damn.

A common and regular approach is to feigned concern for our mental welfare.

This is not because it is considered that the sex trade as an institution is built on destroying the mental welfare of the prostituted class, not because these attackers thinks living inside torture may affect the prostituted class.

No, instead they keep on the personal level, saying we must have major mental health issues or be too delicate/fragile to cope with prostitution, or now being in the outside world.

This is laughable – for I have never meet or know of an exited woman or the vast majority of prostituted women and girls who do not have a huge amount of inner strength and force of will.

It is not weakness or even the individual woman’s mental welfare that cause the violence that is the norm in all aspects of prostitution – it is the punters who makes the choice to be sadistic to the prostitute, it is the sex trade profiteers who makes the prostituted class so sub-human that all violence is acceptable, and it all those who turn a blind eye to destruction of the prostituted class.

To focus on the individual prostitute’s mental welfare is a distraction and used to say it is her fault, and make the male violence invisible.

But with the attackers it is always more vicious than that.

The reason they focus on an exited woman’s mental state – is to prove she is deluded, she cannot really know the truth.

It is to get evidence to show she must be a liar.

Now if the sex trade supporters were so sure that prostitution is non-violent and women-friendly – than their tactics would be so personal and vicious.

Most exited women when they write or speak, do use some of their personal history – but usually because it is the common violence of prostitution, for their history is deeply connected with all the prostituted class.

We speak of the mass of the prostituted, we speak of of the common sadistic violence in every aspects of prostitution, we speak of being made sub-human, we speak of understanding what it was to be tortured.

And our attackers dismiss all our words, they thrown them away – and say that it just a sad story of one sick woman.

This is beyond ridiculous – it is a pathetic and weak to be so personal when all our works are deeply political.

But then the aim of the pimp mind-set is to keep the exited women as sub-humans, and then they can be dismissed.

There is a common thread with the pimp mind-set to say exited women who are abolitionists hate the prostituted, and want to see them starving on the streets.

It is conveniently forgotten we were mostly inside prostitution long-term, and many of our friends may in or exited from prostitution.

No, it the exited women that judged and hate the prostituted – not the punters, not the profiteers, not those who ignore the deaths, rapes and torturing of the prostituted.

If we dare to speak out – we are to blame for all the wrongs of the sex trade.

Wow, that is the definition of double-think.

I may have more some other time, maybe some of you kind readers have some views of these attackers, or even other evidence of their hate.

For it is hate – to want to keep the status quo of the sex trade, which is slowly destroying the prostituted class.

I have to laugh in order not to cry.

4 responses to “Methods of the Pimp-Mind

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  2. Thank you for speaking out! I think each of you is amazing and I pray for your continued strength and healing daily. I am putting together a support program in my area to educate the community, law enforcement, and provide counseling and support directly to trafficking victims. Thank you for speaking out and God bless!


  3. Thank you so much for your truth Rebecca. It is empowering, and it is evidently empowering – and that is exactly why it is so frightening.


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