A Message

I often asked what can be done to help exited women. I do not have answers, I am not that wise, I cannot and would not speak for the multiple needs and wants of exited women – but through experience good and bad, I may have some tips.

My major tip is to learn to listen very hard to our words and the language we choose to form those words.

I know that many reading this will think and say, of course I listen to exited women. But how do you listen?

Do you listen by framing it into your way of thinking.

Do make it into a continuum of male violence to suit your feminist outlook?

Do you say it mainly because of female poverty to suit your Marxist views?

Do you say it can be chosen, so who am I to judge, to suit your liberal opinions?

Do you say it is bad when “real” trafficking, when the prostitute is a child, or you can framed as forced prostitution to suit your turning your back on the suffering of far too many of the prostituted?

Do you really hear when you listen to the words of exited women?

Do you hear that the sex trade will trawl for women and girls from all backgrounds, all ages, all cultures, all races, all classes and on and on and on to make a profit and fulfill the demand of punters for variety and making sure the men don’t get bored, and will come back for more.

Do you hear that there is no safe place for the prostituted, there is no type of prostitution that can be made safe – how can there be when the purpose of prostitution is supply punters with access to a class of women and girls they can rape, sexually torture, mentally abuse and kill without consequences or censure from society.

Do you hear it is not just lots of rapes, it is not just being the way of multiple beatings, it is not just that prostituted women and girls are murdered on a scale that it off the wall – it is that is the norm for the prostituted, that to be in the way of extreme sexual violence is the role given to the prostituted class.

Listen and hear that the prostituted are made nothing when they are alive, and if they are murdered they are thrown away.

There are no real statistics for the multiple murders of the prostituted – for there is no interest in the media unless it has the sensation of being a serial killer or if the prostitute is connected to some famous man/men; there is no record for most murders are made hidden by sex trade profiteers, they hide the bodies or in reality for them it throwing of the trash.

So when you read or make statistics of females murdered by males, know inside your hearts and minds that the many murdered prostituted women and girls who are not on your information.

Hold them tight, prayer if you believe, make them part of your daily battle for full rights for all women and girls.

This can only done if you allow truly into your hearts and minds that the prostituted class are fully human.

Now there is the rub – there is the elephant in the room.

That the main reason that our words are never allowed to belong to the prostituted – is because too many who claimed to hear us view us as sub-humans.

The violence done to us, the constant genocide that is our norm is made invisible for we are viewed as non-humans who do feel or to know human pain, do not have access to human emotions of guilt or anger, do not get human fear.

The prostituted are made the Other – an object that is only purpose is divert male violence as much as possible from the public gaze; an object where all tortures can be practice on; an object that can made for all punters to wank into and throw away.

The prostituted are not allowed to express in their own words what it is to be that object – for objects have no voice, have no rights and most important are of no importance.

The only way to help exited women is to look within yourself and find where and when you keep the prostituted as sub-humans.

Listen and hear if exited women have the courage to say your attitudes are keeping us in the position of the sub-human. Don’t say not me, just listen hard.

That is my tip.

9 responses to “A Message

  1. It is NOT acceptable to torture and murder one group of women so that the culture can continue to delude itself. Not acceptable at all.
    Thank you for all you have taught me and for your patient friendship. XOXOX


  2. And this is why it is so crucial, that it is exited women, who is a part of the process helping other women out of prostitution. How hard we (who has not been in prostitution) even try to understand the pain and the subhuman environment prostitution is, we will never completely be able to understand it.
    I am listening and I am beginning to understand a bit of it, but even how hard I am listening, I will never completely understand how total brutal, inhuman and destroying it is, the way punters and pimps are treating prostitutes, because it is so far away from my own way of treating other people.

    But I am learning – by listening to all of you.

    I hope this makes any sense.


  3. WOW. I want to print this and post it all over the city. May I share it in that way? If not, say the word and I won’t. It seems like something that random people should be shocked and surprised by. And then they should read it.


  4. Yisheng – I am not sure if it would make that much sense outside the context of this blog, for I use a language that is build up with the readers of the blog. If you were to put up, it would to be completely anonymous and certainly with no blog address, or m safety, even if just mental safety of not getting yet more hate mail.


  5. Another brilliant post. Glad to see your reply to Yisheng, I’ve had the same impulse re. street/postering advocacy for a lot of your posts. Will definitely do it within the safety parameters you gave.


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