No Humans Involved

“No Human Involved” is written down by some American police forces when any prostitute is found murdered. It is a clear statement of contempt,  a clear policy of lock of interest.

It is a clear picture of what is to be prostituted, it is a clear snap-shot of how the prostituted are made sub-human in life and if killed made into nothing.

The rapes, the bashings, the torturing, the mental hate and the endless murders of the prostituted are nothing – can be made invisible or cleared away.

Recently, in England there has been great concern about sexual violence to girls and some women.

There has been the Rochdale case, a typical case of grooming girls and teenage women into prostitution. There has been deep concern over men in the entertainment business sexually abusing non-prostituted teenage women.

What is interesting and depressing for me – is how there is an outrage and widespread media concern when it not associated with prostitution – but is done to “normal/good/innocent” girls.

All sexual abuse done to any teenage girl is wrong and damaging – but why when it is a prostitute is it considered a choice or just part of her job?

The Saville case has silenced any serious debate about how widespread internal trafficking is.

Whilst we look for famous men who sexually abused the non-prostituted, whilst there is outrage and anger at those men, calls to name and shame, questions how it is happening now, whilst this goes prostitution continues as normal.

Where is the outrage that it is normal for famous men from all fields to consume and be sadistic to the prostituted of all ages?

Where is the outrage that the sex trade will and has always made sure all rapes, all torturing and all murders done by these men to the prostituted are covered up?

Speak to any long-term prostitute, especially to those who did so-called high-class prostitution and she could name and shame – all those punters with the power and status to mentally, physically and sexually destroy her.

You may ask – but for so many centuries prostitutes have been taught that no one believes a whore, that the word of a punter or profiteer is more sacred – you may ask, but the prostitute has no choice but to fall into silence.

I will not stay silent and calm, as I see the Rochdale case push aside for dealing with the BBC and “innocent victims”.

I cannot be silent as my heart is breaking.

May I asked do you think there would be an inquiry or even a show of concern if men in the BBC were consuming under-aged prostitutes? I do not, I believe it would have been seen as letting off steam and as boys being boys.

After all, Hollywood and the pop industry has always consumed escorting, used under-aged prostitutes, brought women off the street or the net – and no-one has seriously condemned that.

These men have often consumed the prostituted with extreme sadism, keep the prostitute as their property for months on end, have experimented with sexual torture and making the prostitutes have all hard-core porn put into her living body.

Where is the outrage about that?

None if we decide we like/love the Hollywood or pop star – they can do no wrong.

It cannot be wrong if it is done to the prostituted, for she has chosen her “lifestyle” and so must take the consequences.

No wonder the prostitute is made silent after extreme violence from a famous man/men.

I am too angry to write – this is a start.

5 responses to “No Humans Involved

  1. I’ve heard people (mostly men) ask what can possibly be achieved by the revelations from Saville’s victims.
    We’re never going to see him in court or enter a prison I know, but we’re talking about the abuse he visited on girls and that can only be good. The discussion continues; people become more aware of the evil of such men, how society has failed his victims, the Rochdale victims and EVERY woman and girl who has been subjected to such abuse and attacks no matter what noun is used to describe her.

    I’ve just written about him too….well about all the Jimmy Savilles we knew….because so many of us were victims of ordinary perverts…..


  2. Of course, it is vital to speak loud and clear about abuse of young women – but this blog is about prostituted women and girls, and how they are made into sub-humans. When punters and profiteers are violent to the prostituted, they are not being violent to a human in their minds – they are consuming or selling sexual goods. It is more imported than just a noun being called a prostitute – it is being made to lose all your human rights and to live with torture as your norm.


  3. I am french so please excuse my english if i’m hard to understand sometimes.
    I can’t tell you I understand how you feel and what those “people” did to you… I feel so much anger when I read your texts, anger against the whole human kind. How can we pretend being superior to animals, to be a “civilization” when we do things like this… I feel so sorry for you and I know it won’t be enough… even if every single person on this planet says “sorry”, it won’t be enough, what you endured can’t be forgiven, never and not only by you but by everyone, we CAN’T forgive et we have to fight to stop human torture.
    When something is that horrible, we often hear that it is “inhuman”, but I’m not sure we can find an animal that is capable of such a thing…
    I won’t forget you, and I’ll speak about your blog with everybody around me because people must know.
    Thank you so much for rising your voice…


  4. “Again, Ms. Mott speaks up about the plague of terror perpetrated on women by society, with truth and courage….”

    CORRECTION: by MEN. Saying “society” erases the agents: males.


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