Simple Views

This post is about the many ways that both pro-sex trade lobbyists and those who think they are allies with exited women, say simple concepts that are highly damaging and prevent a clear path to abolition.

There is the simple belief that being inside the sex trade is just a job like any other – sometimes this is slightly altered it a bad job, but it is a service that must be provided for men.

Why is viewed as so vital? Why do so many need to see as work – to ignore the conditions of slavery, to turn away from the stripping of human rights from all the prostituted?

Is that for it just to “work”, you must make all the prostituted into sub-human – then you can walk away with a clear conscious.

Look with a clear eye, what you classed as work.

Is it normal in your work that rape is expected?

Is it normal in your work that a high rate of deaths is expected – be from suicide, from the body unable to cope with the pain any more, or from being murdered?

Is it normal in your work that women just disappear, and no-one mention that they existed?

Is it normal in your work that your body is constantly invaded by penises, penetrated by objects – that you body is public property to all men, and you have no rights over your body?

Is it normal in your work to move without warning to more violent and soul-destroying environments?

Is it normal in your work to have no name, to live with constant language of hate and fear as your label?

This is not work – this is just the gradual erosion of all human rights.

In other words, to be inside the sex trade is to be made into a slave – and the illusion is the sex trade profiteers and their allies say all the prostituted are free.

Reminds of something –

Work is Freedom.

That evil lie is only said to the oppressed, to those in conditions of slavery.

It only said when it is clearly slavery – but with a wave of hand and a loud explosion, it is transformed into work.

It is kept in the frame of work, as long as outsiders to sex trade lobby make the choice to only view prostitution as a labour issue, and steer clear of messy human rights issues.

It works as a concept, only if the prostituted have no voice – only have access to the voice of the pimps and punters.

It is called work for so many listen and only voices of the prostituted who are mouthing the words of their oppressors – speaking their words for all other language has been stolen from them.

It is in that environment – that the concept of the Happy Hooker is used as a spokeswoman to stand for all the prostituted.

The Happy Hooker speak the language that has no meaning to the prostituted – but it the language of men who buy and sell the prostituted.

It is a language that speak that stigma to the prostituted is the major issue – and ignores or makes invisible all male violence done to the prostituted.

It is a language that frame any male that may be done to the prostituted as a sign of weakness of an individual prostitute – not the whole structure of the sex trade is founded on male violence and hate.

It is a language of sexual liberation, a language of serving men, it is a language of being part of preventing real violence to non-prostituted women and girls.

It is never the language of the prostituted class – our language is stolen, is silenced, our language is run over and then we may be allowed to speak.

For the language of the prostituted has never changed – it is kept underground in order that non-stop profits of the sex trade continues.

Our language is clear that all aspects of the sex trade is founded on giving men the right to pay to rape, pay to do all forms of torture, pay to make women and girls into goods.

Our language is clear that is no safe aspect of the sex trade – just gaps where punters and profiteers decide to be less violent.

Our language is clear that most of the prostituted survive by not knowing their own reality, and learning to speak the language of their oppressor – for most prostituted are in a world where they cannot even imagine hope, so most adapt to their hell.

One simple concept that ignores the realities of what it is to be prostituted – is the constant compare and contrast to other forms of male violence.

This is said in multiple ways, most ways ignore the words of exited women, ignore the scale of the sex trade.

It is said it just lots of rapes.

That is partly true – but lessen that it not acts of individual men paying to rape – but the whole institution made to sell women and girls to be unrapeable, and only works if culture and society makes that acceptable.

The prostitute is never viewed as a human as she is raped, she has no rights to know rape – she has rights to complain.

It not rape, it is just using goods and moving on.

The point of a structure of slavery is to make groups of humans unrapeable, humans that can constantly tortured on every level and just have to get used to it.

That is the norm for all the prostituted.

It is said that it is just a continuum of male – and for exited women to want or need a separate voices or multiple voices is to somehow destroy feminism.

But why in this continuum is prostitution always made an appendix or just too extreme to fit?

It is hard to fit that continuum, when we are told we must fit prostitution into the language of rape and domestic violence – and not speak in the language of human rights or say we must speak of prostitution being the building block to all violence to all women and girls.

We must not speak with power, we must remained victims for other to save and give us their language to explain our realities.

When exited women say in a clear way that the structure of the sex trade is built of having a class of women and girls that made for men to pour all their hate and violence into.

When exited women say in a clear voice, this is never done to the individual prostitute, that she is made nothing but holes and hand for many centuries.

When exited women say in a clear voice let us speak and teach you all we understand of why and how men are violent.

When exited women speak with power, a clearness and a force to build real change – that is when too many speak over and through us.

Instead of listening and truly hearing exited women – instead the voices of academics, the voices of the media, the voices of all expect the prostituted are made the voices that lead abolition.

This post is a stream of consciousness, I hope it make sense.

3 responses to “Simple Views

  1. “Reminds of something –

    Work is Freedom.”

    WOW!!! Brilliant!!! Your whole post–brilliant, per usual.

    I get so tired of academics who say prostitution is empowering. Or, it’s always been around, so it must be legalized. Really??!!! War has been around for just as long, yet these same people are willing to have discussions, protests about ending war. And what about murder, for crying out loud?

    From reading your posts, I know prostitution is different than non-paid rape and other sexual violence. I think sometimes people want something to compare it to, so they compare it to their own experiences, not realizing that the prostituted are totally interchangeable, have no identity outside of “hooker” to the men buying them, and are not seen as human.

    Anyhow, I have not found any way to reach those academics who are so far gone to think “sex should be legalized” as one prof put it. I could go on and on with stories I have about my interactions with them. It’s very frustrating, and I really think they have a lot to answer for, though certainly not as much as the pimps and johns.”


  2. This post is very effective. I can tell by the way my soul kept trying to leave as I read it. I’m writing a memoir now, and the biggest challenge is trying to keep my soul in my body. We have to tell our stories, over and over and over. Thank you.


  3. Reblogged this on Bipolar For Life and commented:
    Rebecca Mott says it all, about pro-sex-trade lobbyists and about the prostituted, and the societal attitudes that keep women enslaved, ignoring the voices of those who have managed to exit. A hard read, but an important one.


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