Please if you can, could make a donation for my blog, especially if you find it inspiring or has changed your views on prostitution.

I have major problems with money at the moment for many reasons. This includes very heavy bills, multiple frauds on my bank card, and getting no payment for my writing or giving speeches.

I know many of you have very little money, and so would not expect you to donate. But if you can afford as little as £5, I would very grateful.

7 responses to “Donations

  1. Dear Rebecca, I just sent you my donation. I hope that many your readers will too. Your clear words and focussed determination are a lifeline for many of us.


  2. Done from across the pond, and I hope you have a strong response. I know many of us have read your blog for years without helping though you have done much for us. So let’s all try to give a little.


  3. Hi Rebecca. Your knowledge and committed education of the public should have you working full time in colleges. I’ve learned more from your blog than any ivory tower education, which is no surprise, since Real Life is the best teacher. I will help you out as soon as I’m able.

    Thank you for all your important work and putting yourself out there like you do. The sharing of your personal prostitution experience, in your writing style, is so much more informative and telling than any well funded, statistic-heavy, “peer reviewed” research reports ever could be.


  4. Sent a donation along. Your blog is well worth the funding, and your work in support of ending the harms done to women and girls in prostitution and pornography is very effective. Anyone who is parenting a young girl will see her benefit from the work you and others do in this area.


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