True Colours

This is about where liberal feminists have chosen to betrayed the prostituted class – and in that betrayal are allowing the constant male violence to engulf the prostituted.

Liberal feminism considered itself to be the fourth wave of women’s fight for equality.

It is not a radical movement, it does not fight for liberation for women – no it fight for individual wants of often privileged women.

Liberal feminism was made for white Western women who are often middle-class.

Hell, if I had experienced childhood abuse and being prostituted – I would have a perfect candidate for liberal feminism.

But there the rub – liberal feminism excludes the prostituted, excludes women of colour, excludes working-class women, excludes women outside the West, exclude past generations of feminists – heck, liberal feminism excludes the vast majority of females.

Liberal feminism follows the philosophy that the individual women can improves her life, and is almost blind to the institution of patriarchy and organised women-hating.

It is philosophy that refuses to see men as a class – a class that benefit from oppressing women as a class.

This narrow view is the basis of the betrayal of the prostituted – for to call the prostituted sex workers is to say it just individual stories.

In the language of liberal feminism – there is no structure or organisation of the sex trade – just individual prostituted women having a good or bad experience of sex trade.

There is little or no mentions of huge profits of the sex trade – sex trade profiteers become invisible or just kindly employers.

Male violence to the prostituted is dismissed in many ways –

Dismiss as the prostituted women not being mentally right for the sex work.

Dismiss as only happening in so-called underground prostitution.

Dismiss as only being done by punters with mental health issues, punters who don’t understand Western culture, punters who are drunk/high – never by the good punters.

Dismiss coz the individual prostituted woman should read the punter’s body language and seen he was a sadist.

Dismiss as only occurring when the prostituted woman is a street-based prostitute.

Dismiss because the prostitute is Black/indigenous/Asian/white working-class/under-aged – anything but a privileged Western white woman.

Dismiss because the individual prostitute may not understand it just kinky sex or S/M, coz of her mental health or previous abuse.

And so many disgusting excuses for male violence.

Liberal feminism may as well be the voice of sex trade profiteers and punters – for it does nothing for the prostituted.


3 responses to “True Colours

  1. Because they are so willing to be credulous with regards to the small minority of so called happy hooker activists because the story they tell is an easier one to listen to, and what they ask for is easier to provide. Mega brothels!!

    Systemic & historic sexual violence is a much difficult problem & they have not the political will to confront it.

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