When Violence is Nothing

I have been angered and deeply hurt by the social media storm over Ched Evans and Trump.

I wish to state plainly, this is not because I don’t care about the injustices done to non-prostituted women and girls – it is coz there is many differences in how violence to the prostituted is perceived.

Without knowing those differences, without fully hearing the multiple voices of exited women – there will never be justice or human rights for the prostituted.

It is true that the threat of being treated or seen as a whore is used to keep all females in their place.

But being treated or viewed as a whore, is not the same as being prostituted.

It is a fact that the vast majority of rapes done to the non-prostituted go unpunished, but it still considered to be a crime.

The prostituted are considered to unrapable, for money or goods is consent. The prostituted are not raped, it’s their job.

The Ched Evans case has made that clear, that was a gang-rape so it is shocking.

But imagine that was a porn video or in a brothel, would be so shocked or even surprised.

I was gang-raped more times than my mind can take, between the ages of 14 to 17. It was my breaking into the “job” of being prostituted.

But my gang-rapes were made nothing for I was a prostitute, so I had no rights to call it rape, I could even name it as violence.

Instead it was my only purpose, it was call work and made into kinky sex.

Call prostitution work, say prostitution is kinky sex, imagine that all prostituted women and girls are sex goddesses – and you are making any and all violence done to the prostituted a non-event.

Much of the outrage about Trump and Ched Evans is their denial that women should consent to any sexual act.

Full consent is considered the way forward for non-prostituted women, whilst excluding prostituted women as an awkward problem.

It will not be said out loud, but there is reason for this.

It is decided that once money or goods are exchanged – that is consent.

It does not matter if the punter rapes, tortures, mentally abuses or even murdered the prostituted – it was done with consent.

So male violence to the prostituted is made invisible.

Do not say that all women know what it is to be prostituted, do not say you know what it is to be in the skin of the prostituted.

Have you been raped on such an industrial scale, that cannot know it is a crime, or even allow that you have a body that could be raped?

Have you been made into a porn-doll, used by punter after punter after punter after punter after punter?

Have been you been filmed as punters gang-rape or toture, and had that film spreading worldwide, so any man anywhere and anytime can wank to it?

Have you been tortured sexually, mentally and physially not for weeks or months, but for year after after year after year, not by one or a few men, but by so many punters they have no face or even remembered as individual men?

If so, then even you have have been prostituted or you have some inkling of what it is to be prostituted.

If we truly want to bring about abolition, we must see the scale of prostitution, and see  there are differences between attitudes to non-prostituted females and prostituted females.

To ignore or avoid this, is to play into the hands of the sex trade – and to allow the their evil propaganda that no real violence is done to the prostituted to continue.

Listen harder to what exited women are saying.



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