Rainy Day Thought List

So it is Winter again.

So I should be working harder, but I slowed down.

Hibenating in my warm home, hibernating to run away from my own thoughts.

I have hard year.

A transforming year.

A year where I discover my past with emotions.

A year where I found I had a family who wanted and love me.

A year of confronting pain, knowing deep grief, allowing myself to be vulnerable.

A year of finding that everything can be made ok.

Now, I am mentally and physically exhausted.

I have too many body memories.

Memories that prostitution is never sex – it is rape, it is abuse, it is torture.

Know no man pays for a prostitute to be “normal” sex. He is paying to do to the prostituted what he never do to someone he consider to be a human.

There it is the place all the grief, fury and pain comes from – to be prostituted is to be made sub-human.

All crimes done to our minds and bodies are made non-existent – for no human was involved.

Our rapes disappear, our battered bodies disappear, our eyes staring out for help disappear, our murders disappear.

No punter is a criminal if there is no crime.

No matter how many prostituted he rapes, how many he strangled, how many he anally rapes, how he chooses to kill.

No sex trade profiteers can be a criminal, when all he is doing is providing legal goods.

Nothing is happening, so carry on turning away.

Only an unseen and unheard genocide is happening close to you.

In almost every country the prostituted are being tortured, serially raped and murdered – and it is made nothing.

I am exhausted of speaking out against this genocide, as I know my prostituted family are being thrown away as other issues are made more interesting.

I know it is boring to keep saying about this hate and violence against the prostituted. I know I repeat myself.

Do you see and know I repeat the murders, the rapes and the tortures coz they continue unabated.

In my skin, in my brain I feel the trapped prostituted now.

I will continue to say over and over and over and over their pain, their fear and their deep desire to be made human again.

I will allow the prostituted to just be made invisible, or re-created into the happy hooker or sex worker.

I fight for all the prostituted until no man is consuming or providing the sex trade.

I have writing this blog for almost 10 years now, but it just a beginning.

3 responses to “Rainy Day Thought List

  1. The punter is “nohuman”, not you!!!! they tried to pull you down to their “no human” hell, where only monsters reside. Don’t let them pull you down to their “reptilian-world”. Thanks god, you are on the way back and out. Yes it hurts. Bruises from burnt skin also only start hurting, when “life” is coming back, and the healing has started.
    All the best for you and your future life


  2. That is true -but in reality, it not just the punter who makes the prostituted sub-human, it is everyone who turns away, everyone who back legalising or decriminalising the sex trade, all with power who ignore the human rights of the prostituted.


  3. I fear, that many men are involved, and many women just don’t want to know, out of fear. But deep inside, everybody knows. Also about child trafficking and abuse and ritual satanic abuse. It is the darkest side of humanity, no of men! As you say: women participate by silencing and looking away. It is really really terrible. Nobody really wants to know, how very terrible men can be. Because, if you really know,
    and feel the suffering of the women, children and animals, you feel suicidal as well.

    love, Yvonne


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