Still Tired, But Never Stop Fighting

Hello dear readers, after hiding away for Christmas, I am back.

I am still shocked at the conditions for the prostituted being glossed over.

I am still sickened by all the propaganda of the sex work lobby.

I am still inside extreme trauma as my shadow.

All this is my norm, so much stays the same even in times of great change.

l am English, and I feel despair as my country pushes all discussion of abortion into the extreme.

All the time, I go to “debates”, consume our media, go to the arts – and I drown with voices of the sex trade lobby.

Let be very clear who are the sex trade are.

They do not represent the multiple voices of the prostituted.

They represent the voices of consumers and producers of the sex trade.

This is proven by what the sex trade/work lobby refuse to discuss or even mention.

That is the everyday male violence that is the norm in every aspect of the sex trade.

It is keep hidden that there no safe form of prostitution, there is no safe place to be prostituted in, there is no style of sex work that can be made safe.

This is made invisible by refusing to speak to who punters and what they do to the prostituted.

Instead, the trick of the sex work lobby is to make invisible, by only speaking about the individual motivations of the prostituted.

It is framed as choice, as survival, even as better than other jobs.

In the mind-set prostitution is still a choice even if done out of poverty.

It is important to note here that only negative reason that the sex trade lobby allows for entering is poverty – previous mental/physical/sexual abuse is not mention, racism is not mention, peer pressure is not mention, coercion is not mention.

How can being poor be a choice? If poverty is not a choice, how can turning to prostitution be a full choice in those conditions?

The most important silence is the lack of focus on who punters are, and what they do to the prostituted.

This silence is keeping the prostituted imprisoned, and increasing the trauma for those of us who have exited.

Punters are very ordinary, punters are everywhere, punters hide in plain sight.

There is no type of man who cannot fit the frame of being a punter – to only see a certain type only places the prostituted in more danger.

The ugly fact is that any man at any time and in any place, can make the conscious decision to buy and control the prostituted for his sexual greed and desire to oppress.

Punters do not buy the prostituted for simple sexual wants, to buy another human is an act of violence and power.

Therefore all consumption of the prostituted is an act of violence in and of itself – but the reality for the prostituted, is that the majority of punters will rarely just want sex that is viewed as normal.

Punters are paying to control someone that they view as non-human – so torture is normal, mental violence is normal, anal rape is normal, battering is norm, and serial rapes are normal.

All this is keep hidden from public gaze, especially as the sex work stubbornly refuses to say any words that may expose the punters.

I am sickened by this silencing – sickened as my body knows who punters really are, sickened as my prostituted friends and colleagues are silenced to speak to their realities.

I want all Abolitionists to be braver and confront the sex work lobby every time it refuses to speak to who and what punters are.

Punters should not be allowed to see themselves as victims or even misunderstood.

Punters should never be framed as gentlemen or so-called good ‘uns.

Punters should seen as sadist criminals.

Punters should fear imprionment or at the minimum a fine that is treble their daily wage.

Stop making punters nice.



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