Oldest Profession

The stupidest myth or belief about prostitution is the oldest profession.

I could scream till my head explodes as I hear everywhere and from every type of person.

It is not a profession, it is not work.

If you think being a prostitution is a career, why don’t you spend six months in a brothel or as an escort.

If it is a profession, where is the training schools, have you found apprenticeships for prostitution?

I think you know you speak bullshit when you say prostitution is sex work or a profession.

To call it work, means you speak harm reduction or the language of health and safety – rather facing all the violence done to the prostituted is because they are viewed as goods rather than workers.

To be made into sexual goods can never be classed as work.

You cannot clean that up by saying it is a profession.

Let’s look at the idea that prostitution has always been with.

So has murder, wars, child abuse, battery, rape and multiple male ways of staying in control and entitlement.

Hell, why not say being a serial killer is a profession, say incest is just sex work, or rape is useful skill.

Why not, after in the profession of prostitution – all the work hazards are every form of male violence, and this made invisible.

Instead, the sex trade lobby backs a system of harm reduction rather than confronting the male hate.

Harm reduction is about placing bandages on a half-dead body of the prostitute, then sending back into danger.

I call the harm reduction approach – the coffee and condoms brigade.

Handing out leaflets, coffee and condoms may seems kind, but does little or nothing to end the sadism of the majority of punters.

How can you read leaflets when just remembering to keep breathing is a major task.

How do insist a violent punter puts on a condom when he is not caring if you are dead or alive?

Also, many punters will put holes in condoms, will pretend they are wearing one – it is impossible to get a punter to care enough to wear a condom if he see you as non-human.

There is a strange theory put across by the sex work lobby that a prostitute can train herself to spot the ugly mug, that is the bad punter.

Sorry, all punters are bad punters, just some hide behind the mask of not being too violent, the mask of pretending he sees the prostitute as almost an human.

So the sex work lobby has a fake idea that there can be a course in health and safely, and then the sex trade can carry on as usual.

In this fantasy, it is thought a prostituted woman can see in the body language of the punter that he is an ugly mug.

Jeez Louise, what utter crap.

We know that most batterers can appears kindly and normal in public, or as they are grooming their partner. That is the same in acquaintance rape.

We know women can live with violent men for many years without seeing any signs of his hate and sadism.

But prostituted women are meant to have some special gift to see punter’s identity depths.

Even if a prostituted woman does see or feel warning signs, what the hell can she do.

Must prostituted take place in isolation, or surrounded by people who gain by ignoring her pleas for help.

The majority of punters know they have full entitlement to any violence they can imagine, and any health and safety rules are just made trash.

And that is call a profession.

It makes me sick and so furious.

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