No Such Thing

One common phrase used is – there is no such thing as a child prostitute.

I think this need unpacking, for it appears to have some dangerous assumptions.

It seemed to imply that prostitution is ok if the prostitute is over 16/18.

It is implied that prostitution is a norm, just nasty if innocent children are involved.

This is a dangerous belief on many levels.

It does not look in a serious way into the structure of prostitution. Rather it pretends prostitution can be tidied up if the bad apples are exposed.

To see prostitution as it is, not as many want it to be – we must see that many, if not the majority of adult prostitutes enter when they were under-aged.

So the reality of prostitution is most adult prostitutes have been trapped and damaged by many years of abuse.

Why do you care when she is 14 or 13, but when it decided she looks or acts 16 or 18 why do you turn your back on her?

The prostituted girl is still inside the prostituted woman – she is one and the same person.

Only the adult has to deadened all memory of being a child, memory of lost innocent, memory of thinking there could be an end to prostitution.

The damage and hate put into a child prostitute does not just disappear because others call her an adult prostitute.

No, it is just added to the layers of pain, fear and grief inside the adult prostitute.

But it is decided that once the prostitute is considered to be an adult, she has freely chosen to be inside the sex trade.

Well, I was that child prostitute who became an adult prostitute.

I became struck in that first moment of terror and despair of my 14-year-old being gang-raped into being the role of the prostitute.

Every time, a punter made the choice to consume me, I was frozen into that moment of not fighting back or remembering that I could have human rights.

The more violence and hate that was put into my prostituted body – the more I come not escape that trapped child.

Yes, I was an adult for most of my years inside prostitution, but I never understood what being an adult was.

So think when you say there is no such thing as a child prostitution – think of all the adult prostitutes being serially raped, being tortured, being mentally abused and being made into nothing.

The truth is there should no such thing as a prostitute anywhere or for any reason.


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