A Change Must Come

I write and speak for revolutionary change for all the prostituted.

I write to place our voices as independent and separate.

I have closeness to radical feminism – but I write as a radical exited women who make my centre the prostituted.

I have always been Left-wing – but I will never let leftism men off the hook for promoting and consuming the sex trade.

I am a atheist – but I place exited women who do the practical work to make real change, religious or not, above those who do little or nothing whilst labelling others.

I can understand the attraction of being a liberal feminist – but I cannot forgive how they constantly betrayed the prostituted through the language of choice and labour.

So – I speak in the voice of a radical exited woman.

My voice is a scream for radical change – not this snail pace of justice and freedom.

I look to Black Panthers, to the voices of indigenous peoples, to brief recorded voices of slaves as my deepest influences for my will to fight.

I feel betrayed by so many – by the many forms of feminisms, the myriad of the Left, by those who should and could hold up the prostituted but turn to more important causes.

Our betrayal is centuries old – as you turn to more fashionable causes, my prostituted Sisters are living inside the oldest and largest genocide humans have chosen to make.

I am exhausted, I am ill, I feel great despair as I see allies turn away.

I will start by saying do not think just backing the Nordic Approach is enough.

It is a good start, but with enforcement and long- term exiting programmes it is made pointless.

I need proof that it not just a constant debating point or if made law there is the minimum of punishment for punters, and an utter lack of specialist exiting programmes.

All too often the Nordic Approach is seen as a full stop, rather then a good beginning to true revolution.

I will try to explain my dreams of real revolution for all the prostituted.

This may vague, it may appear unattainable – but in this post, I want to speak to my burning inner voice that created my fight.

I speak to my inner voice that drags to the place of understanding that the only real revolution that matter is the complete destruction of every aspect of the sex trade and its supporters.

To really give the prostituted hope, freedom and justice – all Abolitionists must fight for that destruction.

We must stop making punters invisible or into misunderstood victims.

Each and every man who make the choice to be a punter is a criminal and capable of extreme violence.

He has made the choice to be a rapist usually a serial rapist.

He has made the choice to make another human his slave.

He has made the choice to be a torturer.

See punters as they are, not how you want them to be.

We must severely punish all sex trade profiteers – there is no reasons to sell human into the sex trade.

Stop their trade in its tracks.

Stand up to slave owners, stand up to their sadism, stand up to their lack of empathy –  they are cowards not monsters, we can stand up to their hate and fear.

We must place the voices of exited women to the front.

We are the bloodstream of why there must be abolition of the sex trade.

We are the witnesses, we have deep knowledge of male violence and control, we see and know what long- term torture does to our minds and bodies.

Our bodies map out the route to revolution.

Our bodies have witnessed the cold hate and anger of male violence in every cell.

Our bodies know there is nothing accidental when punters destroy the prostituted – it is always pre-planned and organised.

Our bodies know every torture that is called new, is a torture of many centuries of destroying the prostituted.

A small sign of hope is that slowly this torturing is being seen, and not made invisible as it was for most of history.

The only thing that is new in the sex trade the the forms of technology that spread it.

I feel despair – so my stop here.

Please do more, for doing little or nothing is to be part of a genocide.




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