Cannot Unhear

I have spoken out against mainly indoors prostitution and the impact of trauma on Exited women for many years.

I have found once someone hears in fullness that it is an issue of human rights, and not of choice or work experience – once that goes fully in the reader or listener, they can never again use the language of sex work, or the propaganda of the sex trade lobby.

I write mostly for exited women, and for women trapped in the sex trade, but holding on to the dream of leaving for good.

I also write for the mass of women and men who are on the fence about the sex trade, write for folks who have doubts but no language to express their thoughts.

I have no interest in changing the sex trade/work lobby, for they are embedded in believing women like are subhuman and should have no voice.

In the view of this lobby, exited prostituted women should not exist – we should dead, mentally destroyed and voiceless.

Our existence, our endless resistance, our determination and our truths is the largest threat to the sex trade.

We are the multiple trumpets that will bring the wall of Jericho.

No-one can believe the multiple voices and their witnessing of the tortures, the endless disappearances/murders, the mental breaking down of vulnerable females, the exploitation of all racism/economic inequalities/previous abuse/and all forms of hate that is the common pushes into the sex trade – and not want abolition.

The voices of exited women is the revolution, we know the root and all the branches of how to destroy the sex trade.

No wonder the sex work lobby spends so much energy attacking and silencing our words – we are not dead, being alive we will remember and speak truth to power.

Exited women have been to hell, so can fight without fear, for nothing can be as bad as having men use as their sex toy – not one or even 59 men, but usually so many men they have no face, background or name.

These men are just johns, punters and clients – for they are not human as they just wank into our living bodies.

Each and every punter is a criminal, for each is making a choice to consume a slave, making a choice to ignore her mental/sexual/physical for his selfish needs.

The vast majority of punters will do extreme violence, and the throw the prostitute away.

Most punters go many times, most will consume several prostitutes.

The more a punter make that choice to consume a prostitute, the more likely he is to view her as subhuman and therefore see no issue in using violence and control.

His consumption is nothing to with sex – it is an act of control, violence and hate, it is the conditions of slavery/trafficking.

That is not sex, that is not work.

That is an human rights emergency.

So, listen to all exited women – and join the revolution.

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