About Donations

I have decided to take donations down, for I did not want to appear as if I was begging or emotionally blackmailing my readers.

I still am on a very low income – as are the vast majority of campaigning exited women,

I have kept my Paypal account, so if you still feel ok in contributing that would be so generous.

I am sorry if I was too demanding.

Please use my email – mottbecca@gmail.com

8 responses to “About Donations

  1. Hi Rebecca, I had quoted you a lot in the past and I learned a great deal from you and have wanted to donate to you for a long time, and am finally able to donate a bit next week, so can you give me the link or email to use or whatever way to paypal you some funds? Thank you as always for the radical education. You certainly deeply changed my understanding of the prostitution experience and I am forever grateful to you for it.


  2. Rebecca – I have been very happy to contribute a monthly payment of £10 but my circumstances have changed and I want to end this arrangement. I have tried to do it via Paypal but I didn’t set up my own Paypal account for this and it seems impossible for me to contact them about this.

    Can you please cancel this monthly arrangement from your end and email me to say that this has been done. Email address is: jgbowlesaug11@gmail.com

    With all good wishes, from Jackie Bowles


  3. I had to stop reading your latest blog post ‘Stop comparing’: your insight gives me chills along my spine. I have to stop reading and come back to it because what you write is so true and takes time to sink in. You truly are a gem.

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  4. Thanks so so much, I always thrilled to connect to other exited women. Pink Cross does wonderful and life-saving work, xxxx


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