Myth Busting Again

I want to write to five myths about prostitution that really piss me off.

These the myths that make the punters invisible, usually by focusing the blame on the prostituted and making the punters into monsters or victims.

So in five myths I focus on the men who make the choice to consume and throw away  the prostituted.


1. Only a minority of men consumed the prostituted.

This myth makes no mathematical sense.

Think of long-term prostituted women.

Think that most long-term women are prostituted for at least seven years, and even if they only work part-term are consumed at the minimum of eight to hundreds of times by punters each year.

Most punters are one-time users of an individual prostituted, many prostituted women are gang-raped, or in one night have many punters lined up to consume her.

So there is at the very minimum round ten punters to every prostituted women.

That is large amount of men choosing to consume the prostituted.

2. Prostituted stops real women being raped or tortured.

This is sick and inhuman.

This is solid proof that our society has decided that the prostituted are sub-human.

The prostituted as a class are not human enough to know pain of being serially raped.

The prostituted as a class are not human enough to be victims of all forms of torturing.

No, the prostituted are made into sexual goods whose only duty is to save real women from men’s aggression and hate.

The prostituted have no right to complain, to scream out of rage and agony, no right to simple human right to live in safety.

Well, listen to exited women and hear our roaring for justice, screaming for dignity and whispering we refuse to the scapegoat for male violence.

We are lionnesses, not sacrificial lambs.

3. Prostitution is a service for lonely/disable/ugly men.


All men need to know and fully understand that are entitled to buy another human for his orgasm.

Sex is not human right, it may be a want or a desire, but no man loses his penis just because he cannot have constant access to fucking.

I am yet to see of penises going green and dropping off, coz there are no prostituted women nearby to be consumed.

As for the concept that the prostituted are needed to service disabled men, this is insulting to the disabled, and a violation of the human rights of the prostituted.

This implys that disabled men cannot formed relationships or find ways to discover sexual desire without consuming another oppressed class.

Many disabled campaigners are deeply offended and angered by this way making them into sub-human.

It is wrong to manipulate the disabled  to oppress the prostituted.

4. Punters are not aware of the harm that they create.


No man accidentally consumed the prostituted, it usually pre-planned and always a conscious act.

Whether the punters has used the net to book an escort, whether he is in brothel on a stag-do treat, cruising for a street prostituted woman, going into flats or hotel rooms with access guarded by pimps, or just imaging he just picking a prostitute on a wimp – this is always a conscious act, that all punters can refuse to be part of.

By making the conscious choice to consume the prostituted, all punters have made the choice to be a rapist, to create violence on the bodies and minds of the prostituted.

He is the problem, not the solution.

There no such person as the good punter, all punters are criminals and capable of severe hate and violence.

5. Punters are not that violent.

No, the opposite is the truth – it is rare that punters are non- violent, almost down to less than 5% that do not rape or torture the prostituted.

Punters do not consume the prostituted to do missionary positions, to treat the prostituted with respect or dignity.

Most punters want the prostituted for he want a living porn-doll, who can do everything his mind knows he would to real women.

Torture is normal in all aspects of prostitution, all porn is torture.

All that prostitution is having a living prostitute having every cell of her mind and body drowned by the punter’s porn-fuelled fantasises.

There no safe space or access to self-respect the prostituted in that environment – just the raw instinct to keep breathing, the closure of the mind to the reality of torture being called a work risk,

The prostituted lives with trauma piling up in her body with no release, only release comes with being lucky enough to exit with extreme PTSD – or the release of a mental breakdown or death.

But punters can as sadist as they like with no consequences, they are made invisible and without any responsibility for the harms that they do.


We must stopped thinking that punters are Richard Gere, and known they are sadist and calculated criminals.

How can exited women ever trust a society that thinks punters are victims of manipulated prostituted women?

Punters are just very ordinary men who believed they are entitled to rape and torture women and girls who they have decided have no access to justice and dignity.

Remember there is nothing natural about the institution of prostitution -it was invented by men as place male violence and hate can be contained and hidden.




From My Heart

I cannot ever remember my past in a linear way.

I live inside gaps and silences.

I can never what label to give my past, whether it be prostitution, whether is sexual violence from many strange men, whether it misreading because of being broken by previous abuse.

Words and labels are unimportant when too many rapes to fit into one mind, when torture was my norm.

All I know I have deep spiritual connection with the prostituted class, a deep spiritual link to those who have had torture inside their skin.

I have connected with those who have seen and fully known the evil that only men can do.

So, though I will put a label on my past, I will never stop speaking out for my exited Sisters, never stop fighting for full and long-abolition of the sex trade.

I know in my late teens and much of my twenties, I was on the edge of death, know my self-hate and sense that I wanted to be a zombie – attracted me to slow suicide of sadist men.

Most of this was unpaid, though on occasions I was paid from £5 to £300.

The vast majority of these sexual sadists were invisible to me, for I refuse to let their faces or names into my mind.

Maybe these bad one-night stands, maybe this was part of casual prostitution, maybe  I was being trafficked.

Such labels are unimportant – for it was torture, it was rape and it was extreme self-harm.

Labels do not take away that pain, labels do not give me justice.

It can both prostitution and confused one- night stand, for there was many men on too many occasions.

I survived by refusing to hold most of their sadism in my head until I became secure enough to know my reality.

Now, I can remember in bits and pieces for my inner strength can speak out.

I do need labels, but space to heal and grieve.

There must space so I can have more to my life than that past.



More Myths

Speaking to the conditions of the prostituted as a class, is to unpick sterotypes and myths.

I will try to do this.

Part of the struggle of being an Abolitionist is the constant myth-making by those who cannot see an end to the sex trade.

A major myth is that prostitution will never go away.

That was said of slavery across Africa to Americas and Europe.

That was said of Apartheid in South Africa.

Anything made by humans can be dismantle by humans.

There is nothing nature about prostitution or any aspect of the sex trade.

With collective actions, listening deeply to exited women, educating boys and men not to think that buying another human for their sexual greed is acceptable, and by the punishment of sex trade profiteers and punters – we being the road to full abolition of the sex trade.

Another huge myth is the to be prostituted there must always be money or gifts in the hands of the prostituted.

This is mostly true, but it never the only factor that makes it Prostitution.

Many of the prostituted received little if no money, but are in conditions of being exchanged for sex to punters.

There may be money exchanged, but this is invisible to the individual prostitution.

This is common with young trafficked girls in Western countries.

These young teenager (mostly, those some as young as eight or nine), are exchanged between many punters in rooms .

It will seemed to the prostituted girl that she just has many men wanting to screw her, usually with extreme violence, often as gang raping, always by men with no love, often no names or even seeing the girls as a real human.

Many poor women and girls in countries with deep long-term poverty are “born” to be prostituted.

They receive no money or so little it may as well be no money.

Many prostituted women and girls have punters so violent that they can not be paid and the prostitute will be in a state to care.

You cannot force a punter to pay, when he knows he just needs to beat her up instead.

It is thought that all the prostituted are pimped out.

This is not true.

For many of the prostituted, especially those are indoors, may be contacted over the computer, with no pimps involved.

I will more about myths soon, I am on forever – as the sex trade and its allies will always lies to keep their profits flowing


My message for International Day to End viionce Against Women, this is on Facebook.

Today is End Violence Against Women Day, and yet again the prostituted females are hardly noticed. The prostituted are highly likely to have abused in many ways before entering the sex trade, whether as a child or young adult. The prostituted females are at the minimum 12 times more likely to murdered than females of similar age or background. The prostituted are raped by hundred if not thousands of men. The prostituted are tortured mentally, phsicially and sexually on a regular basic. The prostituted are in conditions of slavery and genocide, yet they are sidelined when recording Interternational Day to End Violence Against Women.q


Changes Not Change of Heart

This post is very important to me, and is something I thinking about for round a year or so.

I live inside fragmented memory, and surrounded by parts of my family who cannot believe that I was prostituted.

These individuals are folks that love me deeply, and I love them too.

This has lead to having many questions and no answers about whether I prostituted or not.

This what I will try to explore in this post, and if you read this and feel I have let you down in any way, I am just trying to be honest.

I am very unclear about whether it was prostitution or not.

I know that many sadist men who did know me or even look me in the eye consume me and throw me away.

I did not have a pimp or pimps.

I was rarely paid or given much money.

I did not work in brothels or on the streets.

I was tortured in flats, hotel rooms and rooms above clubs or pubs.

Maybe it was my self-driving towards sadist men and dangerous places – maybe it was part of prostitution.

My fragmented gives me so little that is solid – just endless rooms, snapshots of endless forms of torturing, and a pain saying this is your truths.

I feel I want this blog to more general and less personal.

I may have to more distance.

This blogis not a diary, or poor me autobiography.

No – whether or not prostitutedis at the heart of my memory, this blog is written for radical change for the prostituted class.

Whether or not I can claimed to be an exited woman, I have a deep connection with my exited Sisters and a few exited men.

I know what it is to be made sub-human not by a few men but by so many my brain breaks down counting them.

I know how it is to raped, passed around, and tortured so often by too many men – till the only way to survive is to block out reality and become a robot.

I know that prostitution is not the same as incest, not the same as domestic violence, not the same as date rape.

I will to the prostituted class, whether as an outsider or as an exited woman – the prostituted class are the heart of my politics, heart of my wanting to be connected.

This blog is first and foremost for all exited women who fight for justice, dignity and radical change for all the prostituted.

I may never have a solid past, but warrior is always by their side.

Popping In and Out

There is a current fear that brothels are popping up in decent places and for any gathering where many men may gather.

This is portrayed as a new threat.

It is as old as the sex trade learnt it major profit came from places its enslaved goods indoors.

As new as the Ancient societies who built pop-up temples/brothels round the Olympics, around religious festivals, around seizure of land and property.

I am trying to write notes on pop-up brothels as a new event, but all I see and hear are the ghosts of prostituted class – why are re-inventing the wheel in order to distract from real action.

The threat is not to dig into the motives of modern pop-up brothels, but to shine a bright light into the conditions that all the prostituted class have to do endured.

Part of making real and radical change is to know the past for the prostituted is horrifyingly similar to our times.

Torture have not changed, murder has not changed, mental violence has not changed, making women and girls into sexual goods has not changed, porn being forced into the living bodies of the prostituted has not changed.

And the constant genocide of replaceable and disposal women and girls named the prostituted class has not changed.

All that has changed is the words used to keep this violence invisible, all that is changed is the technology and its availability to the masses of men.

Know the sex trade is always up with technology, finding the cheapest and most widely spread ways to enticed the punters.

The world of the sex trade is as as large as that society and time knows.

We live in a world of instant and world-wide contact at tap of a lap-top, a world where any punter can order up an escort as easily as ordering a pizza.

But the sex trade was in every corner of the Roman Empire, with a constant supply of slaves, captured “prizes” from wars to give punters variety and access to do sadist sex on demand.

Punters have never live in a time where their sadist and porn-fuelled demands will not be cater for.

Part of that demand is for pop-up brothels as their right.

All religious and political events supply access to the prostituted, now and in the past.

Sporting events will be trailed by pop-up access to the prostituted, now and in the past.

All long-terms wars or expansion into other countries, will be have a following of the sex trade – now and in the past.

This is the bitter history of the sex trade, the greed, hate and violence follow men who may become punters into war-zones, into places of natural disasters, into societies where poverty is embedded, into places where child abuse is normal – always making as large a profit as possible.

The sex trade is a vampire – destroying hope and freedom for all women and girls by saying in the long run any man at any time, in any place and almost all societies can make them into sexual goods, and have sadism and porn poured into their bodies.

The sex trade and its poison is not modern in this attitude, it be full of hate and lies for the minimum of three or four thousand years.

So, it hard to say that the modern threat of pop-up brothels is new.

I know as long as we make the sex trade a normal part of any society, then the violence will continue.

The only way to end violence to the prostituted is to close down the sex trade root and branch.

This starts with confronting demand, confronting all punters.

We need to shout that no man has the right to buy another human for his sexual greed, his sense of entitlement, for his desire to be sadist without consequences.

There is no human right that states buying the prostituted is ok.

Punters need to learn that their penis will go green and drop off if they don’t get access to the prostituted.

We need explode the myths and lies that are said about why there is a demand.

Most punters are men in a stable relationships, men who have a staple job, men who appear to be happy with their lives.

They are not the disabled, the ugly, the lonely or the discarded men that the sex work propaganda said they are.

But either if they fit those categories, still it is not a human right to consume the prostituted.

Being ugly or lonely does not stop doing the work of building a real relationship.

It is insulting to say the disabled must consume the prostituted – that is saying one oppressed group must oppressed another, as the oppressor of both stand back and takes the profit.

It become the norm that buying and consuming of the prostituted is a criminal act, that punters become pariahs.

That is a start to ending the normalisation of the sex trade.

The start of dignity and true hope being given to the prostituted class.

Bloody know our past, stop reinventing the wheel – and start fighting for radical justice for all the prostituted.




New Words For Old Violence

I wish to write after a long silence about my frustration that it is thought that violence is worse in the sex trade than the past.

This is not true.

Torture, murder, mass raping, mental destruction and child abuse has always been the norms of prostitution, porn and all other aspects of the sex trade.

All that is changed is we finally living in an age where it is seen – seen and then made  invisible – no longer hidden in plain sight.

There was no golden age where prostitution was non-violent, no golden age where the prostituted class were respected.

There is no culture that normalising the sex trade where porn is just mutual sex.

There is no time where the prostituted have safety, dignity and access to basic human rights.

Gonzo porn is just new word for old violence.

Punters in all centuries, in most cultures have always pushed the boundaries of sexist sex

To consume the prostituted is the same whatever century it is placed – it is a place where punters can be as sadist as they can imagine with no consequences.

The main change is that now the voices of exited women are slowly being shouting out.

This is the change where hope of justice can become a reality.

For most of history, the prostituted have no voice – the only voices were of the punters and sex trade profiteers

So, it is not surprising that the violence appears to be new.

Where are the voices of the enslaved prostituted women tortured and and murdered in Ancient Greek and Roman temples?

Where are the voices of the prostituted in medieval brothels?

Where are the lasting records of the wasted lives of geishas, of courtesans?

Where is the voices of the thousands of prostituted women and girls in Regency England?

That is a tiny sample of the endless silence.

What history gives us is the views of those who want put on rose-tainted glasses.

We get Fanny Hill, we get I Claudius, we get Moulon Rouge, we get Norman Mailer, we get Memoirs of a Geisha, we get endless paintings, essays and novels on how fun prostitution is.

The truths of violence, the truths of genocide, the truths of serial raping are firmly placed into a box.

The screams, the pleas for something better, the agony of the prostituted class is made to not exist.

So, now with no history it is imagined that sadist porn and prostitution was invented after the 1980’s.

So ignored the evidence that slipped through the small gaps.

Ignored the pottery, graffiti and notes left from Ancient Greece and Roman societies showing sadist raping of the prostituted.

Ignored the poverty, the extreme desperation that was the background noise for the prostituted in Regency London.

Ignored how Victorian punters demanded child prostitutes as a staple.

Ignored how geishas/courtesans had no rights outside what their male punters give them, and were thrown away when seen as too old or independent.

Again this a tiny sample of how we refuse to see the violence done the prostituted is not new.

As long as the sex trade is normalised, the extreme violence and hate will be the norm that all the prostituted have to live with.

Please don’t all this genocide to be invisible.