The Money is Not Consent

This post is made to confront the lie that the prostituted can give full consent.

Most if not all punters do not care if the prostitute can consent or not, his view is he buying sexual goods, so that object cannot consent just serve his desires.

This is the conditions of slavery, at the best it a terrible power dynamics, at the worst the prostituted become disposable.

The laying down of money or exchange of goods does not equals consent, but ownership and the closing down of all human rights for the prostituted.

This is rape, this is torture – and this is just fantasy made real.

This a very short post, but there many more lies and propaganda of the sex work lobby that I will confront.

Cannot Unhear

I have spoken out against mainly indoors prostitution and the impact of trauma on Exited women for many years.

I have found once someone hears in fullness that it is an issue of human rights, and not of choice or work experience – once that goes fully in the reader or listener, they can never again use the language of sex work, or the propaganda of the sex trade lobby.

I write mostly for exited women, and for women trapped in the sex trade, but holding on to the dream of leaving for good.

I also write for the mass of women and men who are on the fence about the sex trade, write for folks who have doubts but no language to express their thoughts.

I have no interest in changing the sex trade/work lobby, for they are embedded in believing women like are subhuman and should have no voice.

In the view of this lobby, exited prostituted women should not exist – we should dead, mentally destroyed and voiceless.

Our existence, our endless resistance, our determination and our truths is the largest threat to the sex trade.

We are the multiple trumpets that will bring the wall of Jericho.

No-one can believe the multiple voices and their witnessing of the tortures, the endless disappearances/murders, the mental breaking down of vulnerable females, the exploitation of all racism/economic inequalities/previous abuse/and all forms of hate that is the common pushes into the sex trade – and not want abolition.

The voices of exited women is the revolution, we know the root and all the branches of how to destroy the sex trade.

No wonder the sex work lobby spends so much energy attacking and silencing our words – we are not dead, being alive we will remember and speak truth to power.

Exited women have been to hell, so can fight without fear, for nothing can be as bad as having men use as their sex toy – not one or even 59 men, but usually so many men they have no face, background or name.

These men are just johns, punters and clients – for they are not human as they just wank into our living bodies.

Each and every punter is a criminal, for each is making a choice to consume a slave, making a choice to ignore her mental/sexual/physical for his selfish needs.

The vast majority of punters will do extreme violence, and the throw the prostitute away.

Most punters go many times, most will consume several prostitutes.

The more a punter make that choice to consume a prostitute, the more likely he is to view her as subhuman and therefore see no issue in using violence and control.

His consumption is nothing to with sex – it is an act of control, violence and hate, it is the conditions of slavery/trafficking.

That is not sex, that is not work.

That is an human rights emergency.

So, listen to all exited women – and join the revolution.

A Room with Dead Money

This is written for anyone who imagine that prostitution is not rape.

That the exchange of money or goods equates with consent.

I will write to ordinary conditions of indoors prostitution, as I write to street prostitution for that was not my experiences. But know all prostitution is surrounded by male violence.

All prostitution can turn quickly into rape – think would sleep with that man If was not being paid, and would he not feel so entitled if he considered the prostitute to be fully human.

Rape is just the tip of huge iceberg of male violence that forms prostitution – in reality, rape is too light a word for the constant mental/physical/sexual torturing that is definition of prostitution.

I can speak to my personal experiences, and speak beside my prostituted sister’s who told me of tortures in their bones.

Please read, and try to make excuses for the institution of the sex trade.

To be raped – in the legal sense of penetration of the vagina/anus/mouth – is the norm is all prostitution.

After all, most whores are considered to three holes and two hands – with no sense that she is a full human, just a fuck-tool for punters to consume and sex trade profiteers to milk for money.

Often penetration is a small relief, for it may prevent worse humiliation and violence, but sometimes with the richer punters in indoors prostitution they just go on longer with no interference.

It is then the porn violence begins, it is then that the prostitute forgets hopes and deadens all human emotions.

Every torture seed on political prisoners is rehearse on the prostituted.

I have been waterboarded in baths and toilets with the added bonus of anus rapes.

I have pulled at in my vagina, anally raped up against a wall with legs tight together.

Been beaten till unconscious, been raped so painfully I lose how to breathe.

I have been gang-raped till I forget that I exist.

Every cell of my body knows rape and torture – that was my gift from the sex trade.

I am just an example of what it is to be prostituted – there nothing unique about that amount of violence, it is the norm of all prostitution.

So say loud and that prostitution is rape and should be top of the Me Too agenda.


In the Wilderness

How can words fit trauma? How does language speak to surviving prostitution?

I have written and spoken word for over a decade, and still the granite scream that is  that life is speakless in my stomach.

I cannot know peace without justice, not the smallness of individual – but the justice for all the prostituted class.

Trauma will never move if there is no justice – that is understood by the tortured, the racially oppressed, the enslaved.

The prostituted demand justice – but our voices constantly seemed to be sent to the wilderness.

Our voices are silenced, patronised and put on the back burner – all coz it has been decided we are not oppressed but empowered.

The prostituted are not seen just imagined.

There is rarely a space for the prostituted to be seen as fully human.

We are seen as the Happy Whore, seen as the eternal victim, seem as the liberated feminist, seen as lost trafficked female, seen as good or bad – but never seen as a fully complex human being.

Often, our allies view us as sub-human, keeping us as the endless victim.

This often means we cannot speak politics, just be pigeonholes as individual sad stories.

Our fury, our ability to see the causes of male violence and hate, our insights into trauma, our sense of connections in time/cultures and coping mechanisms for all the prostituted- all this is dismissed.

We are the experts of discovering ways to destroyed the sex trade – but all that is tossed into the wilderness.

I despair at this lack of respect, for exited women have deep wisdoms that could help  build a better world for women and men.

We are prophets trying to get out of the wilderness.



Big Plan

I have wanted to have a conference that highlights the multiple voices of exited women from all aspects of the sex trade for several years now.

I see this as something that can and will be made real, especially would if based outside a capital city, in say Bristol for instance.

To make this real, I am sending this post to women who are leaders as exited folks, or women who have strong Abolitionist ideas.

This is a long-term and ambition plan, which cannot be done alone but in a team, especially as international views would be essential.

I am tired of exited women being used as token speakers, tired of our expertises being seen as secondary, tired of the waste of great speakers and writers.

I do not believe there can real change until all exited women’s voices are the backbone of the Abolitionist movement.

We have deep understandings of the causes and justifications of male violence and hatred of women.

We speak to the realities of all forms of prostitution – our voices speak to the truth that there can no such as a safe place for prostitution – for there is no safety when men are entitled to buy and sell the prostituted as a class.

We speak of conditions in all prostitution that is the definition of trafficking and often slavery.

We expose the lies and propaganda of the sex work lobby.

That is just a small part of my ambitions for a conference.

I am writing this post to request help and support to push this forward.

I would love women to help raise ideas about who to invite and how to raise money to pay them.

I need help in thinking of what should discuss, especially if links with other countries.

I need help in how find a site for the conference, and raising funds for the conference.

I need help in reaching out to as many women as possible.

Please contact me privately either here or no Twitter, and I give ways to be in touch.



Harder They Fall

Revenge is sweet is said – for the prostituted revenge is in the far distance, but in this post I write to a route there.

Revenge is inside every word I speak or write in my work.

I see punters and sex trade profiteers. I see the sex work lobby. I see so-called anti-trafficking groups exploiting the prostituted. I see liberal feminists. I see the brothers  of the Left. I see and know all excuses made for the continence of the sex trade.

All that is in the line of my sweet revenge.

I line up any and everyone who refuses to name prostitution as violence and of itself. There can be no excuses made, just a fight to end all prostitution at its root.

I see those who refuse to know that all prostitution is rape and the conditions of sexual slavery.

Those who say it is a service, those who say money equals to consent, those who name it as sex work, those whose imagined prostitution is an empowered choice.

I see you and name you as traitors to the prostituted.

Know as you speak to your porn fantasy – that punters and sex trade profiteers are killing, raping, mentally abusing and killing the semblance of humanity in millions of the prostituted.

There is no such thing as a safe way to be prostituted, there is no access to free and empowered choice in the world of prostitution – there only moments of less pain, confusion and terror.

To be prostituted is to kill all memories of hope and sense of Self.

How can that be classed as a free choice?

So, I now choose to be an Abolitionist.

I fight not for my past, that cannot be change, but Hell is can become a learning push for radical change.

I use my past to be a witness to a small aspect of the sex trade, using my past as example of the common grinding down of the Self that is the keystone to the sex trade.

I write from a place of fury, this comes from deep grief, but mostly from a space of fighting for justice for every prostitute from the beginning of time to now.

Justice is not harm reduction, justice is not decriminalisation, justice is hiding prostitution behind closed doors.

Justice is destroying all the sex trade root and branch, justice is making every punter know he is a criminal, justice is having exiting programmes that are long-term and holistic, justice is a world where prostitution is unimaginable.

That is why I say the Nordic Nordic is the first step to true justice and freedom for the prostituted.

The route to justice must be built on the words and truths of those of us who have survived and exited the sex trade.

Our truths are varied -but all will destroyed the sex trade at it roots.

We speak to the planned and organised violence that is prostitution, we speak to how ordinary punters are, we speak to the high rates of disappearances and deaths in the whole of the sex trade, we speak to how porn and torture is rehearsed inside all the prostituted before going into the “real world”.

The exited hold the atomic bomb that will destroy all excuses, all the lies, all the propaganda that hold up the sex trade.

Listen to the Exited and then you truly are in the revolution that is what abolition is.

Vida la Revolution.


Place of Sadness

I am very sad.

I feel broken, but on the mend. I feel vulnerable, but with a steel heart. I am drowning in sadness, but still reaching out for hope.

I do not know how to write into this space, so I write until words make their own meaning.

This is complex trauma, this is fragmented memory, this is the heart of an exited prostituted woman.

All I know is I need to write to the unspeakable or what is framed as unsayable.

That the conditions of being prostituted, that the evil of the stealing of our humanity.

That is to speak to the deafening silence and inaction as there is a daily raping, torturing and murdering of the prostituted.

This is the oldest and biggest genocide in history – only made made invisible by replacing the prostituted with yet more vulnerable women and girls.

As you read this, the prostituted are in hell.

Thisis a place where consent has no real meaning – consent is ripped away andrelplace with cash, gifts, stereotyping and entitlement.

This is a place where no prostitute can be rape, no prostitute is allowed to feel real pain, no prostitution is given the dignity to remember she is a full human being.

Hell is to be raped so often that you to name it as even abuse.

Hell is accept gang raping a risk of the job.

Hell is never knowing if a punter will be gentle, bored you with pointless chat, or choose to tortured or mentally abused.

Hell is the slow dissolving of the Self as you are turn into sexual goods that used by too many and thrown away too often.

And that is a tiny aspect of being prostituted.

This is hell not sex work, when any punter at any time and in any place, can be spreading out STDs.

This is hell when many punters could not give a damn that their pounding, their grabbing, their violent oral sex, their demand for anal, their hands ripping and pulling  – cause internal injuries that destroy our hopes and dreams.

This is hell when punters think it is ok to do to the prostituted what must never been done to real women and girls.

That is hell on earth – made invisible for society wants to turn away.

My sadness is a silent chocking scream.

It is a scream that comes from a place of knowing all the rules are changed for the prostituted.

Look at the rules of violence against women.

We see in domestic violence, that many woman will want to makes excuses for the male violence. But we choose to see their pain, confusion and terror being behind those words.

With the prostituted, we only hear brief words that say it all fine and dandy – to say all is empowering, safe enough and a free choice.

We know most rapists are very ordinary men, men who may be trusted,men who appears as decent.

We know most rapists hide in plain sight as the good father, friendly work colleague,  or trusted friend.

But we change the rules, to say there are a few violent punters who are clearly monsters.

But most hurtful and damaging, if how those who fiercely fight for human rights and     to violence women and children, ignore and dismiss the prostituted.

In other words, how good people keep the prostituted as  subhuman and disposable.

This is made clear as our deaths, rapes, disappearances and torturing is unrecorded.

Every exited woman is a witness to disappearances,murders, extreme violence/torturing, suicides and forms of slavery – but our witnessing is ignored and thrown away.

As we try to tackle violence to women and children, we could use these expert witnesses.

Exited women have deep knowledge of what male violence can be and how ordinary it is.

Exited women can see the depths of hate from men who choose to be violent.

Exited women know this violent is pre-planned, it never accidental or about sex – it always an act of power and entitlement.

Ignore the words of exited women, and there can never be true feminism.

Please when you read these words, fight harder and with more determination to free all the prostituted.