Names Calling

To be prostituted is to name-called.

It just words, words that poisons the will to live.

Now, words of hurt and death are said to be empowering, and somehow feminist


See that goddess power, see the joy of being holes for men to consume and trashed.

Call me a whore, you on the Left, you liberal feminists, you queer warriors – I fucking dare you.

You can hide the realities of our tortures, our deaths, our lack of basic human rights and our genocide behind your fantasy of the Whore.


Unless you mean I don’t do housework, then don’t call me salut.

Fuck your Slutwalk, fuck your Slut Power.

Stop making the suffering and power of the prostituted invisible.

You say being a Slut or sex worker is empowering, is liberating.


Your words makes punters disappear, you make punters all good and decent.

The male violence is the fundamental problem not stigma or your name-calling.


Let’s be braver, and start name-calling punters.

Say – serial rapists, torturers, scum, murderers, calllous bastards, criminals, genocide makers, and names that every prostituted woman thinks but say in silence.

We need stigma planted on each and every punter.

Stigma every time they pay to abuse another human.

Stigma every time they use the net to buy sex.

Stigma each time they watch porn.

Stigma as they travel to buy sex.

Stigma as they torture the prostituted.

Stigma for every punters as he feels entitled.

Hell, then name-calling is justified.



Listening is Hard

Listening truly to exited prostituted women is hard.

To not listen gives more peace.

To close your ears is to feel safe – but not listening is a deep betrayal.

Our voices have been ignored for the vast majority of human history.

It may be the oldest silencing that humans have invented.

Yet you listen all that time to others speaking to our lives, to our deaths.

You listen to the lies and propaganda of those who profiteer from our suffering.

You listen to many excuses and lies of those who consume us.

You listen to the media that whitewashes our lives.

You listen to the authorities who gain as we are tortured and thrown away.

You listen to everyone but the prostituted class.

Our voices are dismissed, marginalised and spoken over.

This silencing is making our genocide.

You refuse to hear our screaming from centuries of torture, of being made subhuman and being thrown away.

You dismiss our multiple voices of resistance.

You say it unspeakable what we may suffer – but when we speak out you ignore our words.

Even many of our allies don’t or won’t listen – but speak over, speak for or just ignore us.

Many allies keep us subhuman tokens that are brought out for small moments, then tossed aside.

This is shown in many events.

When we speak at conferences, it is rare we are paid even when fellow speakers are well paid.

When we speak in panels, we are always a token, never more one or two exited women at any event.

Always we surrounded by experts who speak to our lives – ignoring that exited women are the experts and our knowledge is not just personal – it is political, it is radical, it is spiritual and it is made by experts.

If you constantly silence the voices of exited women, there will never be a true abolition of the sex trade, just atalking shop and a tinkering at the edges.

We are the true leaders of the Abolitionist movement.

We know what makes the sex trade so relentless in its destruction of the prostituted – and in its hatred of women.

We can expose the conditions of the sex trade, we have no time or energy for the propaganda of sex work lobby speaking of the Happy Whore myth.

We can connect – connect CSE to the sex trade, connect stripping to prostitution, connect poverty to the manipulation of the sex trade, connect objectify all females to the sex trade propaganda, connect child rape to creating a prostituted class, connect political torturing to the conditions of the prostituted and endless other connections.

We know that prostitution never had a golden age – there was always extreme torturing, there was always mass disappearances of the prostituted, it was always mass rapes – and there can never be a future that can be safe or have dignity for the prostituted.

That is why exited women speak for abolition not reform.

We are radical in that belief – so listen to our voices.

You Are No Hero

Let’s see punters in the clear eye of an eagle.

Punters are no heroes, they are never noble, never unselfish, never able to see beyond their own greed and hate.

To be an Abolitionist, a major step is to see these bastards as they are not as they want to be seen.

First and foremost all punters are sadists and rapists – there is no such thing as the good punter.

But most punters are liars – to others as well as lying to themselves.

One of their major lies is the illusion that they don’t want to harm the prostituted.

This is pure bullshit, for every man who make the choice to consume the prostituted knows deep in his heart, he is making the prostituted into subhuman sexual goods for his porn dreams.

No man accidentally consumes the prostituted, no man accidentally forces his sexual acts into the prostituted, no man accidentally makes the prostituted lose all her human rights and dignity.

To be a punter is a conscious choice.

The choice to make another human into your sexual slave.

The choice to pour any and all porn fantasies into a living person with no consequences.

The choice to torture, rape, murder and throw the prostituted all for your orgasm.

Let’s stop pretending that punters can ever be seen as victims, or sad loners.

All men can make the choice never to be punters, to grow up and view women as equal and worthy of basic human rights.

That would a good start.

Breaking In

To be prostituted is constantly to be broken down and broken in.

To be prostituted is lose humanity and be made sexual goods.

This breaking of the soul is essence of who and what the sex trade is.

This breaking of all the prostituted is why I am an radical exited prostituted woman.

I want abolition of all the sex trade and their allies, I cannot compromise knowing my prostituted are being broken minute by minute.

I was introduced into the world of the sex trade by a continual line of punters raping me for six hours.

I was 14.

This was one punter after another.

This was gang-raping as others watch, and were even filming.

This was every hole in body conquer, left bleeding out and leaving a silence in the room.

This was a beginning of a trauma that now shadow me still.

That was my introduction, and for millions of the prostituted everywhere that is a tiny example of how the sex trade produces sexual goods.

For to be the ideal prostitute, it is vital to have no safety, have no rights, and no access to support or help.

To break down the prostitute is to make her isolated, and that she forgets she is human enough for anyone to care if she lives or dies.

All that matters to the sex trade, is that the prostitute is consumed by endless punters with sadist fantasies – hell, that where the real profit is.

That is the reality of prostitution, not the pipe dream that the sex work lobby feed you.



There is a constant stubborn silencing of the multiple voices of exited prostituted women. This is not new, this is not in one country or culture – this a an ancient world-wide tactic of the sex trade and its allies.

From the moment that the sex trade found it could make females into sex objects, they have made sure the voices of the enslaved is silenced.

Recently in Spain, women have written to me of how the sex trade lobby is refuses exited prostituted women to speak out.

This is a small example of their desire to control the so-called debate round the conditions of prositution and how society can speak to it.

The language of the sex trade/work lobby is a silencing of those conditions, a silencing of responsibilities of punters, silencing of male violence to the prostituted, silencing of embedded classism and racism of prostitution, a silencing of all wisdoms of the prostituted class.

The screams, the whisperings, the knowledge of the prostituted is frozen in this silencing.

This silencing have been there since the first caveman exchange goods to rape a cavewomen.

This silencing is in the streets of Delhi, the brothels in Nevada, the escorts firms of all computers – the silencing of the prostituted is everywhere but made out to be nowhere.

Instead the sex trade/work lobby speak loudly for punters and sex trade profiteers, ignoring those they claim to stand for and with.

Nothing said by this lobby does anything to help the prostituted class, rather it keeps them enslaved, with no rights, in horrific conditions and constant threat/reality of all forms of violence.

The sex trade/work lobby is the authentic voices of those who would profit from the expansion of all forms of prostitution, and it is also the voice that all punters want to hide behind.

I have had enough of their control, their arrogance and their callous disregard to the basic human rights of the prostituted.

I want the 21st century to be the century of the liberation of all the prostituted.

This must lead by the multiple voices of exited women if this freedom is to be solid.


Back in the Day

Remembering prostitution is a way to know why I am an Abolitionist.

Remembering is a way to drag my warrior spirit to the surface.


Remembering is a to know hell.

Remembering back in the day of punters owning, controlling and making me nothing is the only way to face truth.

I remember not to heal.

I remember not to forgive.

I remember to speak truth to power.

I remember to see, feel and be clear about the conditions of prostitution and dismiss the myths.

So what are the important things and points that I remember.

I remember that all punters wanted me to be non-human.

I remember so much pain that I have closed most of it down.

I remember rooms full of sweat, semen, fear and lack of an exit.

I remember every hole in my body being conquered and penetrated.

I remember no protection, no access to safety.

I remember being filmed for amateur porn.

I remember being exchanged through word of mouth of punters who wanted a sex doll.

I remember being closed to death as punters laughed.

I remember dreaming of suicide, or being a failed suicide.

I remembering drinking and drinking and drinking.

I remembering women and girls disappearing – maybe murdered.

I remember never making it rich.

I remember in fragments, I remember too much and I remember too little.

I know what hell is.

So I remember to fight on.


The Killer In Me

In memory of Aileen Wournoes


Yesterday, one prostituted woman who killed was given a reprieve.

This is wonderful, but it does stop the everyday violence done to the prostituted worldwide.

Every moment of every day, a prostituted female is being tortured, serially raped and too often murdered, and that is non-news.

But if one prostituted female cannot bare the trauma any more and fight back, if she kills a punter or a sex trade profiteers – then there a fury to punish her for daring to protect herself.

Well, what surprises me is that the vast majority of prostituted females do not kill, do not beat up punters, do not attack sex trade profiteers.

This is truama, this engrained terror, this is lack of hope.

Inside the vast majority of prostituted women and girls, there is a killer wanting to come out.

How can it not be when living inside constant torture, erosion of Selfhood and the moment by moment threat of death?

Inside the prostituted soul is a desire for punishment, for pain to be place on all the men who make the choice to buy or sell her as sexual goods.

Everytime as punters force their porn-dreams into her, she can imagine his lifeless body and try not to smile.

Hell, how often did I fake sex noises or movements whilst dreaming of putting some of pain into the scum that was paying to rape me.

That is normal and a survival mechanism for the prostituted – but we rarely act on our murderous dreams.

We are better than the sex trade profiteers, better than the punters, and better than all those who support the sex trade.

We do not throw away the men who raped us, the men who torture us, who murdered our prostituted Sisters.

Unlike the punters who do all this violence, and throw into the trash when they are bored.

We do not make other humans into sexual goods, with no human rights, cut off from all those who could love them or give them back dignity.

That is left to the sex trade profiteers to do with few if any consequences.

We do not hide beside the language of sex work, claiming prostitution must be the answer to female poverty, saying all work is slavery so why worry, and stating it must better than being a cleaner.

No that honour goes to the sex work lobby – made up of mainly white middle-class women who have never experienced prostitution in the raw, but think they know better than exited women.

I am furious that every day in every continent the prostituted are allowed to be sunk into Hell.

When is truly reported about the everyday torturing that is what makes prostitution?

Is not being serially raped, anally abused, gang-raped, forced to be in porn, being keep on the point of death, and all others abuses punters feel entitled to do – is that not the fundamentals of torture?

Is this torturing not one of the largest human rights emergency known to all human history?

No, we choose to make this horror invisible, and by blaming the prostituted we allow    the punters and the sex trade to get away with literal murder.

We brush away all talk, all reporting and recording of the everyday murders of the prostituted females.

Every place or culture that normalises the sex trade is guilty of allowing these murders to be made unimportant.

If you are a prostituted female is is rare to live till your 27th year, for the death rates are at the least 12 to 20 times higher than females of a similar background.

That is to state that almost every country is the world has piles of murdered prostituted females that are made to disappeared.

They are unnamed, unremembered and tossed away.

But when one prostituted woman react to her living hell by killing a punter or sex trade profiteers – that is newsworthy, that is shocking and that must be punished with the full force of the law.

Is that not hypocrisy?