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Learning to Be Human

This post is personal – being personal I know it is connected to all the prostituted class. I used my experiences and knowledge as just one small example of a terrible truth.

This truth is the purpose of the sex trade is to stripped all the prostituted class of what it is to be fully human.

The truth is that if an individual prostitute is lucky enough to exit, that she/he will be left with a legacy of extreme complex trauma, trying to re-discover what it is to be fully human.

This post is an exploration of my route back into humanity – but, I will be clear I do not truly understand what being human without being a role for others.

To be prostituted, is to never have the human right to a person outside the ownership and gaze of male sexual want and greed.

Yes, this may be true for all females – but the prostituted class do not have access to any role except the porn dreams of those males.

The prostituted are not human, they are the same as supermarket goods, only used till worn out, then throw into the tip.

The prostituted as goods have no right to expression, to voice complaints, to have dreams, to know a life beyond being a porn-toy to be brought and sold.

Let me try and enter that reality, and by doing so hopefully blow away the illusion that prostitution can ever be re-branded as sex work or adult leisure.

I want to speak to the parts of me that were stolen, speak to what being made sub-human really means, and speaks to the parts of my essence that hope beyond hope that there could life outside the sex trade.

There is no accidents in the sex trade – all the making of sub-human sexual goods is done consciously and usually step-by-step.

I like many went into prostitution thinking I knew what I doing – even though I was 14, I had been sexually and mentally abused enough to imagine I could understand that world.

I thought I was tough enough to cope, I thought if it got too rough i would just leave, I thought I know fear and violence so nothing could be worse.

I was typical, in that I was older than my years, whilst at the same time still a hurting child. I was tough with a terrible naivety.

I was ideal material for prostitution.

In the West, it common that the prostituted enter the sex trade between ages 12-15.

It is common that under-aged prostitution comes from all classes and all ethic background.

It is common that the under-aged prostituted have been previously abused – whether that is physical, mental or sexual.

I was very typical – do not believe that under-aged prostituted is rare, or just a certain type of girl. Know I was middle-class, white and in many ways privileged – but inside two weeks I was made sub-human, maybe the first hour destroy my route to knowing what being human was.

I was never unique, just taught by the sex trade to be isolated from knowing that truth.

The purpose of the sex trade is to break down all the prostituted, until they have no route back to humanity, and only can speak with the words of their oppressor.

I in the first hour was gang-raped – well it went on for six hours, but in that first hour anything that could name as human was broken in me.

I cannot ever fully know that breakage, for my mind protects my sanity but only giving me fragmented memories.

Six hours turn into five minutes of nightmares.

Several groups of men gang-raping all look, smell and sound the same. They become faceless, their actions just leave pain inside body memories.

But, I must see with some kind of ice in my heart – to know that moment when my humanity was ripped from, could be a start to beginning what being human really means.

Maybe if I could see my 14-year-old in that room, with no hope, no idea why she is still breathing, no route to having free expression – maybe then I could finally weep for her and me.

I know I thought I understood prostitution – hadn’t I spent much of my childhood hanging round in Soho and King’s Cross.

I thought I knew sex was always with pain, hadn’t I known that since my stepdad first forced his finger up my cunt when I was six.

I thought I was too hard to ever feel, I thought I could never know fear again, I thought I was so dead inside nothing would matter.

I was so naive.

I had no idea what prostitution was and is. Only cartoons from Hustler, images from Soho and King’s Cross, and the many “jokes” about whores my stepdad made.

I had no idea of the pain, the hate, the degradation, the lack of hope and the isolation that would be my life for the next 14 years.

As I enter the flat where I became a prostitute, I was killing myself and losing all knowledge of hope or looking for an exit.

I became sub-human as I undressed, I became sub-human as lay with no movement on the bed.

This was the moment I could have run out the flat – only all my life I had been trained that my only role was to be holes for men to fuck – I could not even imagine having that dignity that makes you run.

I think I was left in the room alone, naked on that bed – I could not move, I would not see where I was.

I was teaching myself to be dead – I was always dead when my stepdad finger-fucked me, dead when he eat me out, dead as he force his penis down my throat, dead as made me rub it hard.

I could go somewhere else with my stepdad, could make myself not care or remember – so I would this with prostitution.

I was so naive.

When the door open, there was a queue of punters waiting – and it was to be done in several groups, not one at a time.

To describe that night is impossible – for my survival mechanism was blocked out as much as possible, and to having many years of not allowing myself to believe that it was real.

All I know I was broken that night – I could still walk, could still talk, still eat – but I was not human, just an image reflecting being human.

But I have glimpses into what gang-rape after gang-rape after gang-rape can do to a human, do to a prostitute.

I remember moments where I was penetrated in more holes than I knew I had.

I remember how punters laugh at my bleeding, laugh when I wet myself, laugh if I attempted to have some dignity, laugh at me fainting.

I remember how so many punters stood around the bed as I raped in every pornified way they could imagine.

I remember having no skin, no space in my body that belonged to me.

I was made sub-human that night.

That night planted the seeds that made me an abolitionist – so some good came from it.

Anger and Frustration

I have written this blog for several years, and I have said the same things over and over and over and god-damned over.

I have been told I have inspired many, especially feminists.

I have been praised for my writing style, even named as the new Andrea Dworkin – though any prostituted woman who raises her head above parapet and speak truth to power, is named as Andrea Dworkin.

But, praise and honouring means nothing if there is little or no practical action to help the prostituted still trapped inside the sex trade.

I write to a genocide, I write to the mass torturing of the prostituted class, I write to the disappearances and deaths of too many of the prostituted.

I am not writing for an intellectual debate, I am not writing to play the statistics game, and I am not writing a story.

I write as a witness – a witness cannot change the past pain and grief, only leave a record hoping it heard enough to make real change for the present and the future.

I write with ice in my heart, the detachment of the eagle-eyed.

I write to give a forensic truth to what it was and is and will be to be inside the prostituted class.

I write with a warrior heart – the heart that is never afraid to enter deep grief, the heart that knows and holds the truths of being tortured and being made sub-human, the heart that cries that even one prostituted man, child or woman exists let allow knowing it is millions.

I do not write a story – that insult the sex trade lobby throws at exited folks as we confront the corruption and cruelty that is the sex trade.

I cannot and will not write to “facts” or in a lineal manner – that would a huge disservice to the reality of complex trauma and disjointed memory that nearly all exited folks have to live with.

I write to the gaps and silences that are the reality for all the prostituted class.

I write to find a language or to use old words to form new ways of seeing what it to be made sub-human, what it is to raped beyond being able to use the language of rape, what it is known all the tortures known to man is inside all the prostituted.

The language of the prostituted class is raw, it is highly complex but very simple. It is a language that screams pain and a grief that cannot know an end.

It is the language that connects to all genocides, a language that hears and understands being trapped without hope, a language where all those who oppressed the prostituted use language to destroy reality and to make prostitution into a joke.

Language is used by those who oppressed the prostituted, to say it is just work, it is just a game, it is only adult leisure – all words to gag the prostituted.

There we have the central truth.

The prostituted class not only have language stolen from them, but they made to choke if they speak even a semblance of truth as the sex trade gags their voices.

The prostituted class are never meant to speak truth to power, they are meant to be dead, they meant to be embedded in the sex trade, they are meant to only to speak the language of their oppressor.

No wonder, when the prostituted can exit and find some route to freedom, they are full of anger and frustration.

We can now speak words that belong only to the prostituted, words that have not be allowed for the whole history of mankind, words that we form without asking permission or waiting to be told how to speak.

To be able to speak to oppression, is to begin the road of ending sexual slavery and genocide that is the true face of the sex trade.

This is why the exited need to know our allies are doing practical ways to abolish the sex trade – and not just praising our bravery, and truth-telling.

We need you to confront the language of the sex trade lobby, we need you to speak against the normalisation of the sex trade.

We need to confront the myth that prostitution can ever made safe, we need you to stop indoors prostitution being hidden from public scrutiny.

We need you not to think there ever only a few reasons that the vulnerable are pushed into prostitution – it is not invented by austerity, or just affects poor women.

Speak to how prostitution recruits mainly women and girls from all classes, from all countries, from all cultures and all ages.

Only say that non-white prostituted women are the most tortured, the most likely to disappear or be murdered.

Only say the sex trade want girls and young women as the mainstay of their blood trade – say that the average age of death in prostitution is 27 cross all cultures.

Say that it is not normal in work – to know at any time and any place to be mentally/physically/sexually tortured. It is not normal in work – to be raped by hundreds if not thousands of men.

And it not normal at work – for the rates of murders or violent deaths to be so high that is re-named just a risk of the job.

Say loud and in a clear voice, that it is impossible to buy consent, especially when the punter is nameless, is protected from the public gaze.

You can do more.

You can fight in your countries for the Nordic Approach.

You can write to your governments, you can go to meetings and speak to the human rights of all the prostituted.

You can confront Amnesty International if and when they refuse to see prostitution as a human rights issues, and allow themselves to be led by the nose by the sex trade lobby.

You can confront any jokes about whores or prostitution, you can confront men in your life to see what the sex trade is, and stop them thinking prostitution is a non-issue.

You can question friends if they go to Thailand, Amsterdam, Germany or Las Vegas – or the many other centres of sexual tourism.

You must confront the glamourisation of prostitution especially by Leftist men and liberal feminists.

These are few things you can do – there is so much more, which I leave to you to do.

But doing nothing is to assist in the genocide of the prostituted class.

Slight of hand

I want to write to how the sex trade lobby make the structural male violence that is in all forms of prostitution invisible.

This is done by slight of hand, a skill that the sex trade profiteers have learnt and studied over several centuries, and is in nearly all cultures.

It is to hold in one hand the prostituted – but only to show the public the prostituted who can or must be making free choice, only to show the prostituted as adults, only to show to show what is named as the Happy Hooker,

But in the other hand, the hand hidden from the public – is held all the male violence and hate to the prostituted, all the physical/mental/tortures done to the prostituted by those males, all that makes the prostituted sub-human.

This is the trick of the sex trade lobby, to keep the focus firmly on the individual choices of the few contented prostituted, and to hide the majority of the prostituted.

But the sex trade lobby is never willing to look closely at what choice is in the world of prostitution.

The sex trade lobby never look with a clear eye and compassion at the full choices of the prostituted.

The sex trade lobby avoids speaking to the choices of the men who consume the prostituted.

And the sex trade lobby has no interest in exploring the choices of those who profiteer from prostitution.

I will speak to what choice is inside the sex trade, yes this will personal and somewhat bias – but it will cut through some of the many illusions that the sex trade lobby have created.

When we look at the choices of the vast majority of the prostituted in all cultures, all ages, all countries and in all historical periods – we see that the prostituted as a class have little or no access to full choice – in reality, the prostituted class were stripped of their humanity at least 3000 years age, and it has never been returned to them.

To be inside the prostituted class, whatever your class background, whatever your ethnicity, whatever cultural excuses are made for your existence – is to part of the longer methods of slavery man ever invented.

This sexual/physical/mental slavery is gloss over and re-named as adult entertainment, as female empowerment, as sex work.

Re-named this slavery is kept closed away from the public gaze, whilst scales of prostitution are invented to confuse and keep the public gaze seeing the male violence.

It is invented for the whole sorry history of prostitution that if you put the prostituted class behind closed doors and say loudly these particular prostituted are not just happy but empowered – then it become easy to prevent the public gaze looking at the conditions for all the prostituted.

This is not new – it may have begun with taking of prisoners during wars or territory gains, and forcing those women and girls to be in “temples” and sexually be used.

It may have begun when the cavemen work out goods could be exchanged to rape women and girls.

I do not how prostitution begun, how it first became an acceptable course of action – all I know men have exchange goods or money for their sexual wants and greed for as long as there has been written history, and it was not new then.

When the sex trade lobby speak to the choices of the prostituted, they are never speaking to the full prostitution, only small moments where the prostitute appears to have power or to be contented.

By only speaking to those small moments, the sex trade lobby shows its true face, by keeping the prostituted as sub-human and only to viewed through the eyes of the punters and trade profiteers.

For the invention of the Happy Hooker is always in the interests of the punters and sex trade profiteers, and never about the safety and humanity of the prostituted.

It is the slight of hand that makes the public gaze imagine that the sex trade lobby could ever see the prostituted as fully human with access to human rights and to consent.

No, the sex trade lobby with mind of pimps and punters pushing forward the concept of the Happy Hooker in order to cover up the institutionalised male violence that is the whole of the sex trade.

But we must never look at the full life of the prostituted, we must only see them in the eyes of the punter, see as nothing but sex goods with no past, no dreams, no hopes, no future – just made to used until they thrown away.

We must never look too closely at the pushes that create prostitution.

We must not see female poverty, we must not see previous sexual/physical/mental abuse, we must see coercion by lies and pretending to care, we must not see how recruitment into the sex trade increases during wars and disasters.

Only see the smile of the prostituted – ignored those dead eyes, avoid all outward sign of injuries, block out the mental breaking down of the prostituted, refused to know of the many disappearances and murders of the prostituted – then you by magic have invented the Happy Hooker.

But the Happy Hooker can only exist if we refuse to confront the choice of the punter and sex trade profiteer.

The punter makes many free choices and hold the power – but this is hidden by saying the punter is a victim, that he cannot control his urges, or that he is controlled by the prostituted.

One horrific lie is that buying sex is a human right – well maybe not a human right, but a male right.

This is said with a straight face – saying somehow men will go mad, become really violent to non-prostituted women and girls, or may just die if they cannot consume the prostituted at any time and in any place.

Sorry, punters will be fine if deny access to the prostituted – they might even discover empathy, discover compassion, discover what to be fully human means.

No, their penises will not turn green and fall off.

I know punters know how to masturbate – for they used the prostituted to masturbate into. So they just do by themselves and stop stealing the human rights of the prostituted.

The sex trade lobby will use the pity card to show who punters – the pity card that is never shown to the prostituted.

They will say the punters are lonely, too ugly to get a real relationship, use the disabled men against the prostituted, say it can use as sex education.

The sex trade lobby will make out that violent punters are rare and easy to spot.

This is a clear lie, and shows the utter betrayal of the prostituted class by the sex trade lobby.

They claimed without proof or solid evidence that violent punters are easy to weed out, if the prostituted are just given time and space to scan the punters.

This is untrue, and is a terrible lie which gives the prostituted a false sense of safety and security.

The vast majority of violent punters are able to appear normal and non-violent until the moment he decides to rape, torture or kill the prostitute.

I had many violent punters, and most shown no outside signs of their violence and hate.

Many violence punters act like gentlemen, act in public with what appears as respect.

But violence is quick, violence in indoors prostitution shut away from the public gaze – and violence can be kept hidden by sex trade profiteers.

Even if the male violence is seen, it made smaller or made the fault of the prostituted.

It is still believed that it is impossible to rape the prostituted – she is just not fulfilling her role as sexual goods.

Violence to the prostituted is named as entertainment, as games, as the risks of the job – never as a serious and pre-planned crime.

When we look at choices – we must say to all punters that they are the ones who have free choice, not the prostituted.

Say to all punters, that no human has the right to buy another human for your selfish sexual wants and greed.

Say to all punters, that their choice to buy the prostituted is to be part of an institution that tortures, brainwashes and murders the prostituted on a mass scale, on the scale of a genocide daily.

Say to all punters, if they wish to rejoined the human race, then choose never to buy another human ever again, and learn to listen to the prostituted and their pain.

Finally, the hardest for me, as an exited woman, to write to the choices of sex trade profiteers.

It is hard for me to see the sex trade profiteers without deep fear, without wanting to express hate.

But I refuse to go their level, I refuse to let the sex trade profiteers control me or any other exited folks ever again.

By trying to face the sex trade profiteers head-on, I and others exited.folks are getting back our true humanity – and discovering our inner power.

It is very hard to know the sex trade profiteer, when you have been their sexual goods, it is hard to know that someone could still be human and make the conscious choice to earn huge amounts of money by selling other humans as sexual goods.

To see how impersonal prostitution is – how the sex trade profiteers do not see the individual person in the prostitute, just how the sexual goods can be used,   can be made off each prostitute, and how the prostituted goods will depose of.

To see and know this, when you were those sexual goods, is to know a despair that cannot be repaired until there is the true justice of the abolition of the whole of the sex trade.

Those who profiteer from the sex trade have no heart – all they care about is money and their image.

That is why most do not call themselves pimps or madams – instead the use the clean language of being managers, being sex workers, being entrepreneurs – so hoping to hide their cold hate and violence.

When we look at the sex work movement, we must know it is lead and speaks in the language of the sex trade profiteers.

To re-named prostitution as sex work is always in the interests of these profiteers, for it makes prostitution appear normal and harm-free.

It is very hard as exited woman to see the human in the sex trade profiteer.

All I have is the hope beyond hope that some pimps or madams grow a heart or find the way to empathy.

This will need that they see that they are criminals, or participate in the torturing, raping and murdering of the prostituted class on a mass scale.

They must discover they have their hands covered with the blood of the prostituted class.

They must face and hear the pain, the grief and the agony of those that they choose to make into sexual goods.

Only then can they even begin to return to the human race.

I do not see this happening – so instead I fight for abolition and for the punishment of sex trade profiteers.

This is Not a Debate

To believe in abolition of the sex trade as an exited prostituted woman, is to know there is no space or time for an intellectual debate on prostitution.

Debates belong to events and subjects that are stable, where there is safety for all those involved.

Debates can be had on abstract philosophical ideas, debates can had on history that is resolved or not relevant to daily existence.

Debates can just be to show off or win points.

But debates are not appropriate when there is a genocide, when there is wide-spread torture and when the prostituted are being made sub-human.

It is a trick of the sex trade lobby to pretend that we can debate the existence of prostitution.

The sex trade lobby can debate for to them it is a game, to them it has no human impact, for the prostituted are stripped of the right to be human.

The debate about prostitution is slated to the sex trade lobby, for they can lie, they paint pretty pictures and they can speak to the language of the Left.

This is all done by having the mind of the pimp, the mind of the punter – the mind that is cold, the mind that see money before basic human rights, the mind that places male orgasms above the mass torturing of the prostituted.

The mind of the sex trade lobby is made for Pimp and Punter – know that and then you can start to understand why it is not a debate.

See that simple truth, and then we can unpick the points the sex trade lobby make over and over and over.

The sex trade lobby will want to convince you that prostitution can and will be made safe if placed indoors.

When the sex trade lobby speak of safety, it becomes a very loaded term.

It about making punters feel safe and have privacy – it is not about the safety of the prostituted from the punters being violent.

It about giving an outward show of safety for the prostituted – but still allowing rape, battering, torture and murder to carry on as normal, just behind firmly shut doors.

It about making prostitution look safe enough that it will continue to make a huge profit.

It is not about the granting of human rights for the prostituted, or even giving them the dignity of being fully human.

The sex trade lobby will try to separate the good prostitute from the bad prostitute.

They will invent the Happy Hooker, the prostitute who has no or very little male violence done to her, the prostitute who control the punters or only has decent punters.

The Happy Hooker is middle-class, mainly White, enter prostitution in her 20’s or 30’s, earn high-rates, can leave whenever she wants, and can choose what sex acts are done.

This is named as empowerment, feminism, Leftist and liberating.

All the rest of the prostituted – maybe 98% at the minimum – become the bad prostitute according to the sex trade.

This includes indigenous people who are prostituted, Black people who are prostituted, Eastern Europeans who are prostituted, Asian who are prostituted, and people from every country who are prostituted.

This includes those who enter prostitution under-aged, those who enter prostitution after sexual/mental/physical abuse, those who enter because of poverty, and those who enter to pay for a drug habit.

This includes those who enter prostitution through lies and coercion from someone they thought they loved, those put into prostitution by family members.

This includes the prostituted who cannot stop the male violence that is the norm of all forms of prostitution.

The bad prostitute makes up the whole of prostitution – the sex trade is founded on making of the bad prostitute.

It is the Happy Hooker that is an illusion or used as a smoke-screen by the sex trade lobby.

Nearly all the prostituted survive by acting happy, acting tough, acting like they have some power.

This is vital to keep some sense of humanity in a world that see you as sub-human goods.

To hold on to even a thread off humanity is keep something private and undamaged by the sex trade.

That becomes the Happy Hooker, if you refuses to not see the human in the prostitute.

It is a refusal to see the dead eyes of the Happy Hooker, it is a refusal to hear even a mention of male violence from the Happy Hooker, and it is a refusal to allow the Happy Hooker to be beyond the small moments where everything appears fine.

The Happy Hooker is invented and then manipulated by the sex trade lobby.

They will push the Happy Hooker to the front to shut down exited women who speak to the conditions of indoors prostitution.

They will lined up the Happy Hookers to go to demonstrations, or to fight on Twitter or Facebook.

But a warning – many so-called Happy Hookers are female sex trade profiteers, many have never been prostituted or did hobby prostitution.

It is these profiteers who will lead the fight against exited women who demand real change.

A sex trade profiteers will use extreme mental abuse against exited women.

A tactic is named exited women as deluded, to say we lie about the violence, that we were never “real” prostitutes.

A tactic is say if was violent, how could we are still alive, to want “facts” about where/when/how the so-called violence happened.

A tactic is say they “work” in the area we were in, and no prostitute saw us there, to say we are story-teller.

A tactic is to threatened exited women, especially saying they have our addresses, might harm those we loved, or will stalk us.

A tactic is spread lies that our loved ones used the sex trade, that no-one outside the sex trade can be trusted, so we may as well come “home”.

The mental violence of the sex trade lobby to exited women is endless and varied – but always it built on the assumption that we should dead or too destroyed to have a voice.

How do you debate with those who wants you annihilated.

This is not a debate – this is life and death for the prostituted.

Running Scared

The sex trade lobby are out in force this year.

Their lies and poison are all the media, all over the net – and especially all over exited folks who are now abolitionists.

This is vicious, but though it is mentally exhausting – I kind of glad they are finally showing their true colours.

The sex trade lobby will call themselves sex workers, especially saying they just escorts or dominixs.

They will be so-called radical university lecturers, or researchers.

They may claim to be the good decent consumer of the prostituted.

They are journalists who only speak to sex workers for their rounded articles of the sex trade.

But all inside the sex trade are conservative, they are capitalists, they back exploitation, and they have made a choice to have no heart.

The main bulk of the sex trade lobby is made of sex trade profiteers – including so-called escorts who always make their feeble points whilst advertising their goods – or in the interests of the punters.

The sex trade lobby has no interest in the welfare and safety of the prostituted – only speaking to those issues to hide that it is normal for violence and hate to be the founding stones of the whole of the sex trade.

The sex trade is violent in and of itself, it purpose is to keep the status quo where the prostituted are made sub-human.

It will back an institution that will recruit mainly vulnerable women and girls – and make them into prostituted goods with mental/physical/sexual torturing.

The purpose of this torturing is to make the prostituted interchangeable.

Most of the prostituted are given new names, are cut off from their family and friends.

It is common practice for the prostituted to be move around geographically and/or to many aspects of the sex trade – until she is too disoriented to know she is human.

Most of new prostituted are broken into the sex trade by letting the most sadistic punters consume them – gang-rapes is a common way to break the prostituted, using the threat of it being filmed and made into porn is another common practice, and horrific sexual torturing which make the new prostitute speak-less.

All this is what the sex trade lobby is promoting – in the name of sex work.

But the sex trade lobby is showing its true face by its attacks on exited women who speak truth to power.

The sex trade lobby is running scared, for when the exited speak out it shakes the foundations of the sex trade, and show it for the hell that it is.

The sex trade lobby is running scared as it has no answers to the uncovering of its own violence and hate, no answers to their stealing human rights from all the prostituted.

Their only way to answer back is through viciousness, through saying exited women are liars or too damaged to understand the truth.

They answer with insults, with veiled or actual threats.

They answer with the contempt that comes from viewing all the prostituted as sub-human – exited or still embedded in the sex trade.

This contempt comes with cold hearts, with entitlement to own and fully control the prostituted.

They see the prostituted as interchangeable – with no access to being a full human – so the sex trade lobby will speak to exited women with orders, with threats, with contempt, with disbelief, and with the sense of outrage that the prostituted dare to be human.

To speak out as an exited woman, is to face head-on the sex trade lobby – face the people who want all exited to be dead, to have no access to speaking, or to force exited women back into the sex trade.

The sex trade lobby will act nice, or relatively nice, to non-prostituted abolitionists.

They put on the act of saying they are only people who truly care for the mental and welfare of the prostituted – they care enough to improve their working conditions, they care enough to deal with the rare violence in-house away from stigma, they care enough to help the prostituted earn more.

The sex trade lobby paint a pretty picture for the public gaze.

But below all their talk, is a desire that the public gaze never open the doors on indoors prostitution, or ask any deep questions on how and why so many women and girls are inside the sex trade.

It is all smoke and mirrors – hiding the torturing, hiding what it is to be made sub-human, hiding the off-the-scale rates of early deaths or disappearances in the whole of the sex trade.

Do not fall the sleight of hand – instead see the dagger in the heart of all exited women, and learn to hear their authentic voices.

Shut Your Eyes Tightly and It Will Go Away

The trouble with speaking to the realities of prostitution – is that there so many ways to lessen the issues or just to say prostitution is no issue in the first place.

It is in this environment, that brave survivors of the sex trade are slowly speaking out – always knowing our truths are unexploded bombs.

To speak to the realities of being prostituted is to know a loneliness that is almost impossible to express – it can be near to impossible to know those truths which live under the skin of each and every survivors of the sex trade.

And with survivors speaking their truths, there are mainly prostituted women with extreme courage and truth-sayers who speak out while still inside the sex trade.

I cannot imagine the strength it takes to be a whistle-blower on the sex trade, but their bravery is showing the cruelty, lack of human rights and dead souls that is the whole of the sex trade.

I could never spoken out till many years after exiting, for I was too dead to feel, know or understand my own reality.

Instead, I was acting as if everything must be OK, while always knowing I could be dead at any time.

To be inside prostituted, is like five minutes at a time, is to not know who or what you are when not performing for punters.

To be fully embedded into the role of being a prostitute, is to lose any sense of being an individual, of being a human, of being anything more than an object for endless men to masturbate into.

There is nothing personal about punters raping, beating up, torturing or killing the prostituted – it just a matter of getting what he has paid for.

Most punters do not see a person – they see holes to stick their penis into, hands to wank them, mouths to take their semen.

Punters if they see the prostitute as a whole, and just parts of a body to consume – they still do not see a human.

No, they see a living image from porn, they see the prostitution separate from the human with no access to human right or have access to consent.

Buying a prostitute is like buying a burger – sometimes it just plain, sometimes it has gherkins and relish on it.

But all is consumed without thought.

Punters do not want the prostituted to remind them there is a real human being brought and sold – they want a living sex-toy that boosts their egos and play out any porn role their minds can imagine.

These roles become harder and more intense with punters with more money, punters who choose the many forms of indoors prostitution

Punters with money often have huge sense of entitlement – these rich men could from all cultures, all lifestyles – these are the punters who send ice into my heart.

There are the rich punters who owned the prostitute for weeks or months, he may take the prostitute on trips, may say she is his girlfriend – but always the punters will remind the prostitute that she is a slave.

These punters are often highly sadist in their sexual demands, these punters have no qualms about throwing away or killing the prostituted when they grow bored with them.

These punters may be politicians, may be film stars, may be in the sports arena, may be businessmen or may be in the music business – these punters are made invisible by having high status and being rich.

When rich punters rape, torture and murder the prostituted is usually will be unreported.

Most rich punters are hand-in-glove with the sex trade profiteers at being highly effective at making their hate and violence to the prostituted into a non-event.

It is common in brothels, in escorting, in girlfriend experience – for the prostituted to just disappear, and no-one will say anything.

I like all survivors of indoors prostitution live with the knowledge of those disappearances – with never having a body to grieve or the knowledge the prostitute may have been lucky enough to exit.

There so dead bodies of the prostituted that no-one knows of, where it has become impossible to grieve or even give them the dignity of naming them, as a small way to bring back their humanity.

That is why it is vital when we do know the names and lives of missing or murdered prostituted folks, we must honour and record them.

The sex trade runs by hoping to make its violence will disappear, that if the prostituted go missing if becomes nothing.

The sex trade is founded on extreme hate and violence to all the prostituted – but with a slight of hand, it pretends to care for the mental and physical welfare of their prostituted goods.

If we start to count as much of the violence as we can, starting with disappeared and dead – we will pull the rug away from the sex trade.

To expose the common violence in all aspects of the sex trade, we must listen and honour the truths of those survivors who speak out.

Their truths speak to tortures that the sex trade want to be unrecorded.

Tortures made speak-less, for sex trade profiteers enforce the lie of stigma, and how no-one outside of the sex trade cares or wants to know the conditions that the prostituted have to endured.

The myth of stigma is invented by the sex trade, and is used to prevent the prostituted seeking outside help or knowing outsiders may see prostitution as wrong.

The lie of stigma is preventing help or hope for some many of the prostituted.

The lie of stigma is used every moment is used by the sex trade to makes it violence and hate invisible.

To believe stigma is the most important issue for the prostituted, is to turn your backs on their human rights and leave them as disposable sexual goods.

The major issues are living inside the constant threat and reality of male violence, of having no access to security over your own body, of the constant threat or reality of being move to other aspects of sex trade or another geographic location.

The major issues for the prostituted is to be live inside constant mental abuse, to know at any time or place physical violence will used to control your behaviour, that rapes will become so normal that you must be dead to survive, and that any time or place any prostitute may be killed.

That is what the prostituted have to live with – that is what the sex trade wants hidden from the public gaze.